Jehovah’s Witnesses Open Historic Museum in Edo

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  • Bangalore

    Jehovah’s Witnesses Open Historic Museum in Edo .

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze
    “Sadly, some Witnesses were killed by soldiers and others for refusing to fight in the war in obedience to God’s command in the Bible – You must not kill (EXODUS 20:13).

    Yet, they have no problem calling for armed police who are trained to kill if their property is threatened. Why aren't they pacificists when their property$ are threatened?

    “SHEPHERD THE FLOCK OF GOD” 1 PETER 5: 2 October 2022

    ,freely available from

    "CHAPTER 21

    Kingdom Halls

    ...31. When property damage occurs, quick action can go far in preventing further damage. Break-ins, thefts, arson, or other incidents of vandalism should be promptly reported to the local authorities.

    Do you think this hypocrisy will make it into the museum?

  • lancegalahadx


  • Journeyman

    This obsession with opening museums and exhibitions lately is strange. It seems to be part of turning the org into some kind of pseudo entertainment and heritage industry.

    Yet of course, they rarely highlight the fact they had very different teachings in the past and kept changing them. The only ones they usually mention are those changed one-time only long ago (such as celebrating Christmas or using the cross). Probably because they are easiest to prove and not so embarrassing to have to explain.

  • Atlantis

    When did Jesus have a Museum?


  • HappyDad

    I'm still waiting for them to open a "Theme Park" style, condo complex such as Jim and Tammy Baker did and they bilked the sheeples out of millions of dollars. It was called Heritage USA.

  • FFGhost
    Yet of course, they rarely highlight the fact they had very different teachings in the past and kept changing them.

    LOL, that's the thing.

    They keep harping on and on about their "rich spiritual heritage" and old books, old phonograph records, old radio broadcasts, etc.

    But if anyone of today's JWs would spend a non-superficial amount of time actually reading or listening to what was taught 100 years ago, or 75 years ago, or even 50 years ago, they'd immediately think it was some sort of "apostate conspiracy to make us look bad" or some such.

    Their "museums" and "libraries" are stuffed with books that you are just supposed to admire the covers of, not actually read.

  • TonusOH

    Atlantis: When did Jesus have a Museum?

    Maybe someone misread "mausoleum."

  • SadElder

    I'm certain the general populace from miles around will walk for days though crocodile infested waters just to view a 50 year old Watchtower or a tattered picture of Fred Franz on the platform in 1958 New York.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    Interesting location, that area recently got an injection of funds ($118M) for building roads and ‘social projects’ such as museums. I wonder how much came out of the pocket of the local congregations and governments, vs “the worldwide fund”

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