anyone else had this following convention

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  • GrreatTeacher

    Tell her your door is open and she can always come visit her granddaughter, but I wouldn't be emailing pictures of your daughter to her. That just validates her bad behavior. She thinks she can cut you off without repercussions with her granddaughter. Nope, one of the repercussions of cutting you off is losing her access point for her grandchild.

    This is abuse. Abusers project their bad behavior onto others. You know, "Well, YOU left Jehovah." Nope, nope, and nope. She can't have her cake and eat it too. This is her choice and she will need to live with the consequences. There is no way I would email her pictures of your daughter.

  • Gulf Coaster
    Gulf Coaster

    Yeah, it's all your fault. Not hers, the person doing the actual shunning. No, you forced her into that position because you wanted to use your mind freely and to live your life your way. The horror!

    Yes, it's astonishing how that can actually make sense to the JWs. The mind is a scary place sometimes, after a cult infects it.

  • freeandcontent

    Saying it's my fault must make it easier from her point of view. I'm thick skinned so can handle it but it's still sad that it has got to this point.

    For the record I'm not df or da, I just left a long time ago. I don't think I will lie about been married either, although that was a good suggestion! Lol

    I wonder if they have been told to shun all inactive ones.

  • slimboyfat
    YOU have put me in a difficult position

    What an awful twisted religion. And what self-righteous imbeciles it attracts.

  • Xanthippe

    That's exactly word for word what my mum said to me and she missed out on seeing her granddaughter grow up. My daughter didn't mind because she had my husband's parents making a fuss of her and they enjoyed having her all to themselves. Are your partner's parents around? I know this doesn't make up for you losing your own mum does it? Sorry this is so hard for you, it's not fair and it's not Christian, damned cult!


    So my Mam visited today. She recently went to convention in north east England, Newcastle I think they still have them at. Before she left she said (this is her exact words btw) "YOU have put me in a difficult position and I can't come to see you anymore".

    The WBT$ "winds up" JWs at WBT$/JW Conventions..

    It never lasts long..


    JW`s Are Easily Distracted..

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  • BluesBrother

    "I wonder if they have been told to shun all inactive ones."

    The Saturday talk outline, as posted on the "Avoid JW Convention 2016" site says this:

    Disfellowshipping the sinner may help him to return to Jehovah.Loyal Christians would not associate with “anyone called a brother”who is practicing serious sin
    This is true even if no congregation action has been taken, as may be the case with an inactive one (w85 7/15 19 14)

    Since you are not "called a brother" I don't see how it can apply??

    Just causing unnecessary family heartache..(expletive!)

    This can be a real trial when a family member is involved

    We must not allow strong family ties to lead us to compromise loyalty

    to Jehovah and his organization (w13 1/15 15-16 16-20)

  • freeandcontent

    Bluesbrother - thanks, I guess that is where it comes from then. Perhaps some will take it to mean all former members too. But as outlaw mentioned it may not last long once the convention boost has worn off!!

    Xanthippe - my partners family are around and just like normal ggrandparent etc so that's good.

  • slimboyfat

    BluesBrother it seems the sanction has been expanded from "anyone called a brother" to include anyone who is inactive, in other words anyone who has ever been baptised, regardless of how they are currently viewed.

  • JWdaughter

    It's too bad that your mom has given up the privilege of being a grandmother to your kid(s).

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