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by Tenacious 13 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • Vidiot
    alanv - "... they have said elders are appointed by holy spirit simply because they have to meet the bibles requirements which were written under inspiration. This explains of course why some elders were found to be hiding some hidden sins like child abuse, simply because they would good at hiding it."

    I actually suspect that one of the reasons child abuse became so endemic and institutionalized so quickly (at least among congregation administrators) is because of such strong-but-blind faith in the concept of "appointment by Holy Spirit"... other words, at least some elder bodies back in the day - as a result of the embedded assumption that the WTS was "God's Earthly Organization" - simply weren't able to conceive that anyone they selected could be guilty of such egregious offenses.

  • EverApostate

    I am 100% sure that the GB would have a seperate department to browse Apostate sites to come up with strategies to keep their scam going.

    If they had a secret tie with the United Nations and then brazenly come up with silly reasons when caught, why wouldnt they do this too ?

  • waton
    I am 100% sure that the GB would have a seperate department

    EA: not the Governing Body, which might be made up of true believers (even if only in themselves), but a normal, corporate, separate department that is staffed by ultra - believers, or non-believers, free of doctrinal delusions, people that believe in pushing "the cause" no matter what.

    This site and the links (jwfacts) for example are ready made intelligence for them, revealing ideas, arguments to them that would never have occurred in think tank like brain-storm sessions.

  • Vidiot

    @ waton...

    I dunno...

    ...since the WT leadership are True Believers, it would actually kind of surprise me if they regarded a forum where "apostates" frequent to be a source of any actual value.

    Besides, we've been pointing out all the flaws in WT cosmology and ideology for so long now (not to mention ways the Org could improve them), that if they were actually monitoring and applying some of 'em, wouldn't we have seen it by now?

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