The Second Coming of Christ

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  • maccauk

    The second coming of Christ was in the 1st century at the destruction of Jerusalem the temple the law and the old covenants. SO the new eternal covenant came into force in which people of every tribe tongue and nation would enter into. The New Jerusalem not built by human hands nor with bricks and mortar its spiritual cannot be seen but people will stream to it the sin issue is done there is no more judgment for those in Christ . Almighty God poured out his anger on Christ instead of mankind as an atoning sacrifIce buying back what Adam had lost. Where there is no law there is no sin where there is no sin there is no judgment.where there is no judgment there is no death. Christ did it all for past present and future. That is the Good News of The Kingdom for all mankind

    as it is written no one will have the need for anyone to teach his neighbour for they will all know me says the Lord. When messiah returned for his elect in 70ad the new covenant meant that the true worshippers would worship in spirit and truth and not in anything made by human hands. The destruction of the temple, Jerusalam, the law, and the old covenant meant he now dwells in those who love Christ . The mystery of the ages not known for generations was revealed to the gentiles by Paul and that great mystery is Christ in you the hope of Glory . The new Isreal is Christ the new Jerusalem in which people from every tribe nation and tongue will come of which no man is able to number. . All things fulfilled 2000 years ago. Its done call upon the Lord Jesus and enter in

  • Bobcat

    Hi mccauk,

    The second coming of Christ was in the 1st century at the destruction of Jerusalem the temple the law and the old covenants. So . . .

    Just curious. What is your basis for this premise?

  • Finkelstein

    The Scriptural writings in the bible may have been fictional in the genre of ancient mythology but they were obviously written with an specific intent to social engage the conscious awareness of the people living at the time and era.

    The Jesus god may have been the most appealing humanistic sensitive god ever imaged by man toward the overall betterment of mankind.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    Jehovah had a covenant with Israel but he lost the receipt. Now he cannot return it. We are all doomed until Jesus pays the overdraft fees on Jehovah's Savors card. We are so screwed except for those who have overdraft protection. Praise Jesus.

  • Fisherman
    The second coming of Christ was in the 1st century at the destruction of Jerusalem.

    Wow, the separation of the sheep and the goats is in the past! Also, the great crowd and the Millenium is in the past! - 2000 years ago just about.

    "Look the tent of God is with mankind.. wipe every tear from their eye and death will be no more..." All in the past.

  • zeb

    I recall a meeting inlate'80's or early'90's where it was said that Jesus might make a physical return. This caused a few gasps around the hall... so what became of the much vaunted parousia we were bored to death with?

  • maccauk

    Fisherman you got it man . I can also tell you Jesus is the New Israel

  • maccauk

    The Parousia of Christ has been here since the 1st century only if you look for it will you find it. In fact its not far from you. The Mystery of the ages revealed to those who want to become one with christ. That mystery is christ in you the hope of glory. The Kingdom of God is within you and around you.

  • EverApostate

    Why cant Jesus give a weeks notice to all the media of the world and then descend from heaven with all his glory and pomp, so that this would be broadcast live in 4K Ultra HD, through out the world.

    After landing on earth, he could redo his spectacular miracles like resurrecting some (really good) people who had died, walk on water(New York to London on the Atlantic) and feed all the hungry ones with 2 loaves and 3 fish.... All live streamed in the media.. This would end all debates and for sure I would Join the Jesus club.

  • David_Jay

    I like how this poster is just making multiple copies of the same subject, cutting and pasting the OP and making suckers out of us while sitting back and watching what happens:

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