A question for Aussies about NBN and streaming / network dropout problems.

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  • smiddy3

    Has any fellow Australians here had problems with the internet dropping out either with their computers or streaming devices on the TV`s etc.

    Since the NBN took over we have had nothing but trouble with interruption of services on the TV and computer.

    I would say it drops out at least 10 times or more in any one day.

    It`s a bloody pain in the ASS.

    A technician came out the other day and supposedly fixed the problem that they knew about by the way (why didn`t they do something about it then instead of waiting for me to make a complaint ?)

    The technician went away saying he had fixed the problem ,but lo and behold within a couple of hours we still had the same problems that have continued over this weekend.

    I`m just curious if any other Australians are having similar problems as I have outlined.

  • atomant

    exactly the same problem here smiddy Telstra sent out tech bloke he told me he fixed it as soon as he took off drop outs galore been this way ever since l switched over to nbn crapology

  • moreconfusedthanever

    We live 2kms from the exchange apparently and we have numerous drop outs each day. We are with Optus and we keep complaining to them. They have no idea how to fix it. The last person we spoke to suggested a new modem which we have yet to try.

    Plus every time the internet drops out, so does the telephone and it doesn't automatically reconnect when the internet does. I physically have to reset the phone line each time.

    NBN is rubbish.

  • Listener

    Our suburb is now NBN ready and I had a bloke from Telstra on the phone the other day trying to persuade me to connect. I said I had heard of so many problems. He told me that we would be guaranteed priority for the first month after joining, of having a technician to look after any problems. I thought he's basically confirming that there is a lot of issues if they have this sort of guarantee in place and only for the first 30 days.

    I think we'll wait.

  • zeb

    WE are with westnet (or iinet as its called) they supplied a new modem to go onto the NBN and their service is excellent.

    The entire probs originate as the Liberal govt that took over after the Labor govt killed it self then altered the NBN plan to be done 'on the cheap' so there is fibre optic having to mate up with copper. The original plan was to take fibre-optic right to all consumers but now its a mish mash.

  • atomant

    ps my telephone line drops out all the time as well nbn Telstra wont do anything

  • smiddy3

    The entire probs originate as the Liberal govt that took over after the Labor govt killed it self then altered the NBN plan to be done 'on the cheap' so there is fibre optic having to mate up with copper.

    That`s exactly right zeb they Bastardised the whole thing ,and I`m with Dodo and I also lose phone connection when it goes down.

    I`m sorry to hear it`s not just happening to me at least I`m not alone with the problem.

  • Tantalon

    Hi fellow Aussies, you guys are lucky, we live in a small semi rural community 80 ks from Perth and are still waiting for NBN. Apparently ours will be wireless and the locals are arguing about the location of the tower, can't wait for someone to call "Sacred Site" and the argument will go on longer. Still here I am on the internet talking to people I don't know. Cool eh? BTW Zeb we are happy with Westnet too.

  • fulltimestudent

    Sorry to have to report no problems. Cant say NBN is any better than my old ADSL connection. That was via iprimus (who still manage my connection to the NBN).

    Hope you guys get your problems fixed soon,

    And, for those who report their telephone line drops out also, I was told by the NBN installers (in my Unit block) that I would no longer have a telephone line connection, but that calls to my (no longer a fixed telephone line) number would come over the NBN connection

    ,,, And more, I'm quite sure that the original fibre to your computer connection would have been superior. But Tony Abbott ( you know him, he's the guy that believed that YHWH/Jesus would never allow climate change to cause us any hassles - anyway YHWH/Jesus buggered him up at the last election) went bananas about the cost, and wanted to reduce the cost so he could build more submarines or something. And, of course, the libs had to find something for Malcolm T to do after Tony A pushed him out of the party leadership, so they put him in charge of the NBN roll-out. Big mistake! Malcoln did a Law degree at uni, and you know what, lawyers are trained to yack on and on, but they never DO anything. That's why our poor bloody country is going down hill., as 25% of MPs have a legal background.

  • pepperheart

    whats going to happen when everything is online and we have a totaaly cash free world

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