A perfect guidebook ? Really

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  • CovertsadJW

    If Jehovah is a “ perfect “ god and our everlasting life is in the balance - why then does a perfect God give us a very imperfect guide book “ Bible “ one that is open for interpretation hundreds - or more - different ways. If you look at it as an instruction book , it most likely is the worst written instruction book in mankind’s history. I cannot interpret an instruction book on “ flying a plane “ , it only has one interpretation as your life depends on it , but alas it was written by imperfect men. Simple truth

  • dubstepped

    Uh oh, somebody is starting to see that not only was faith in JWs worthless, but perhaps also god and/or the bible.

    When I left the plan was to be an independent christian. Then I applied the same thought process to the bible and started learning what was behind it, started looking at the ridiculous stories in it, etc. It all came tumbling down. It's not what I wanted, but i did want to search for truth. The old testament god is one of endorsing rape and uses children as fodder for war. There are good priciples in amongst the ridiculous stories and anger of god.

    Keep digging my friend. Remember though, god is the best father ever. He gives you a book of riddles and if you don't figure it out he kills you. Praise be.

  • punkofnice
    Covvy - why then does a perfect God give us a very imperfect guide book “ Bible “

    I go for god not existing.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    It's just a superstition that the Bible is God's word. A lucrative superstition at that-- very useful for religious leaders.

    Otherwise it has atrocious morals and appallingly bad advice. One which springs to mind is:

    "You must be perfect as I am perfect".

    This inhumane instruction is designed to fill psychiatric wards with neurotic believers..

    Just stop believing that the Bible is useful to you, there are infinitely better sources of sound information based on solid evidence.

  • steve2

    JW organization is the illegitimate child of a very old set of writings from the desert regions of the Middle East tidily grouped together hundreds of years afterwards and named "The Bible". Guidebook my foot.

    Both JW organization and the Bible are houses of smelly old cards. Neither can withstand scrutiny and both rely heavily on "faith".

  • stuckinarut2

    Well said Dubstepped! You summed up my realizations very well!

    If we start to become "critical thinkers" about the JW org, the next logical step is the bible...and then it all comes crashing down! But that is a refreshing "crashing down"! Now the Real Life starts - one free from FOG (Fear Obligation Guilt)

  • nowwhat?

    Where else can we learn the proper way to take a dump! How to thrash your slave within an inch of their life. Show no mercy toward women and children. Kill them all! It's ok to sell your daughter as a slave. You women! Be joyful your husband is banging one his concubines after you spend all day doing chores and cooking, your turn will come. Yep best guide book ever!

  • Finkelstein

    The Bible writings are mostly a set of mythological expressions or in other words the Bible is the word of man for his own inherent intent, meaning and purpose.

    The ancient Hebrew god never existed but the stories the Hebrews told to intentionally create a semblance power and relevance were real to them and humanity today should accept those writings as a reference within human history.

  • EverApostate

    You can own slaves as well as beat them, provided they don't die.

    No, not me, its the Holy Bible saying so.

  • MrRoboto

    Dude, you obviously are just blinded by the devil! Otherwise you would have the correct interpretation of the bible, which incidentally coincides with the JW interpretation. Duh!

    Ok j/k. Yes the bible is not internally consistent. that does not mean there is no god, but it means that it is not the "word" of a perfect loving god. A loving perfect gid would ensure that his word was consistent, unadulterated and available to all, and that all would have a complete understanding of salvation and the requirements therefor. He would also make it abundantly obvious that it is actually his word, without question.

    I dont know, maybe a burning bush could recite the words day and night or something. Or maybe miracles could be abundant and based on this "word" as supposedly happened in times past.

    Wishful thinking I suppose. that doesnt prove a lack of god but helps make a good case against a loving fatherly god at the least.

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