Blood Components Hypocrsy

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  • pandorasbox1914

    We all know the Watchtower's stance on Blood:

    1. Whole Blood-No
    2. Blood Components, Plasma, Red Cells, White Cells and Platelets-No
    3. Fractions-Your bible trained conscience

    Just want to dwell on that last point for the moment, "Your bible trained conscience" we have all heard this many times over the years, but what does this mean?

    Well it is their "Get out of jail free card" they cannot answer the point themselves so the onus is placed upon on us. But, and it is a big but, they are Christ's brothers, they are to receive immortality from Jehovah God when they finish their earthly course, they are the faithful and discreet slave that have bestowed upon them God's Holy Spirit.

    Now what is interesting is that Holy Spirit gives them and them alone insight on the understanding of the deep things of God. Now this is odd as they do not know the answer to blood fractions despite their exulted position in God's Kingdom. Yet we who are considered less than their superior position have such understanding of the unknown position of God's word, that our Bible trained conscience can give us a definitive answer. The reality is I am not aware of anyone who honestly understands this position, for example they say I will accept this one and that one, but not this one or that one. On what professional medical decision do they base their conclusion on? Surely logic dictates that either all fractions are acceptable or none at all!

    The other point I wanted to raise was that of the components, in particular plasma. So what is Plasma?

    This is what the American Red Cross says:

    Plasma is the liquid portion of blood – a protein-salt solution in which red and white blood cells and platelets are suspended. Plasma, which is 92 percent water, constitutes 55 percent of blood volume. Plasma contains albumin (the chief protein constituent), fibrinogen (responsible, in part, for the clotting of blood) and globulins (including antibodies). Plasma serves a variety of functions, from maintaining a satisfactory blood pressure and volume to supplying critical proteins for blood clotting and immunity. PlasmaIt also serves as the medium for exchange of vital minerals such as sodium and potassium and helps to maintain a proper pH (acid-base) balance in the body, which is critical to cell function. Plasma is obtained by separating the liquid portion of blood from the cells.

    So Plasma is 92% water which effectively means water is one of the four major components of Blood, I am sure that the ORG would challenge this supposition. So lets assume then, that water is a fraction of Blood/Plasma, this could explain the ORG's flip-flop over Blood and fractions over the years. If water is a component of Blood they would effectively kill all JW's within days. However, if water is a fraction it can then be ignored by the ORG providing all fractions become a matter of choice for the person's "Bible trained conscience"

    As a side note that phrase "Your bible trained conscience" to me is a coded expression, meaning that although the Bible is silent on the subject the Magnificent Seven clearly disagree with the transfusion of Blood, fractions and all the other procedures listed by the ORG.

    Anyway, just my thoughts on the matter.

  • sir82

    Regarding plasma, her is another inconsistency:

    At least in theory, you could separate the proteins and salt from the water. Now it is no longer plasma.

    So you can receive a transfusion of those salts & proteins - it's not plasma, not a "major component". But they are now "dry" - how could you transfuse them?

    Here's the solution - dissolve them in water.

    So, technically, you have re-created the plasma. So, per WT policy, can you transfuse the "reconstituted" plasma? Why or why not?

  • freddo

    JW: So we do not take blood into our body. (ref Acts 15 v 29)

    Me: So what about fractions?

    JW: They're not blood. It's down to your bible-trained conscience.

    Me: Aren't Plasma, Red Cells, White Cells and Platelets simply fractions?

    JW: (Cough) Err, well the Faithful and Discreet Slave says they aren't allowed.

    Me: On what scriptural basis?

    JW: (Cough, Cough) Umm ... well err...

    Me: What happens if I choose to take one of those fractions?

    JW: Umm, errr, you will be viewed as having Disassociated yourself.

    Me: Not Disfellowshipped? You used to be Disfellowshipped - not that the end result of being shunned is any different.

    JW: Umm ... well now only two elders deal with it. It's not judicial ...

    Me: But the result of being shunned is just the same. Is that because in Bulgaria the Watchtower wanted to get round being a banned religon?

    JW: Umm ... err... (shuffling from foot to foot)

    Me: Now talk to me about "Hemopure" - why is that large fraction of haemogoblin from bovine blood a conscience matter with no sanctions? Why can JW's have that as part of a clinical trial in Europe or in South Africa?

    JW: Umm ...

    Me: I mean if you visited a very sick Circuit Overseer in Cape Town Groote Schuur Hospital he might have a bag of Hemopure up by his bed. It's red in colour - it looks just like whole blood. Wouldn't you be stumbled? And why couldn't little Sister Babyblead or poor Luke Heemya have one of the four "not-allowed" components to save their lives?

    JW: Well we don't rely on human reasonings we just rely on what the "Faithful and Discreet Slave" tell us. They are accountable to God.

    Me: And Jehovah's Witnesses may pay with their lives? No - forget human reasonings - give me a scriptural reason why one fraction is chosen as permissable and one isn't? Is that not going beyond the things written?

    JW: Well ... ha ha ... err ... if the Governing Body say it's OK then that is fine by me.

    Me: Isn't that how low-ranking Nazi's justified their disgraceful conduct?

    JW: You're just being an apostate! (Runs away shouting "Lalalalala ... "with his/her hands over their ears.)

  • slimboyfat
    I still can't understand how JWs can accept blood components when JWs don't donate blood. I've never heard a JW even attempt to answer the hypocrisy, selfishness and cynicism involved in that. Not just a bad explanation, I've never seen any sort of explanation whatever. Has anyone ever seen this defended?
  • Vidiot

    It's all academic, IMO.

    The aspects (of blood) that are expressly forbidden are those whose use would directly (and negatively) impact the Org's couple-steps-removed "bloodless" med-tech industry interests.

    If JWs started accepting full-on transfusions, not only would the WT lose a source of revenue flow via those interests, but said industry's R&D would have no more willing guinea pigs for testing.

  • Crazyguy
    Think that's hypocrsy they allow hemopure which is cows blood, and they call me crazy.

    First off, let's remember that the GB are delusional, self-appointed, narcissistic, nutters that have sociopathic, and perhaps psychopathic tendencies. They are just like YHWH, the Thunder God.

    The "no blood" policy is totally unfounded. The NT writers were not commenting on medical practices in our time. END OF STORY.

    Not only does the Bible not mention whole blood in a medical context, there are definitely no mention of "fractions." Prohibiting "fractions" is almost more watchtarded, than the WTBTS blood ban. Especially when considering that all blood products must be produced from human or animal blood which has not been disposed of in a biblically approved manner in the first place. Would Abraham or Paul take blood products of any kind if they believed that Jeehoobster forbid taking it into your body by any means? 100% of JWs should refuse 100% of blood products if they actually believe taking another human's or an animal's blood into their body is forbidden by God. They should be happy to die 100% of the time.

    The WTBTS seems to purposely go out of its way to make the issue a convoluted as possible. Why would they do this? Well, they are delusional and their modus operandi consists of creating a vacuum and filling it to create a position for themselves. They are like the worthless upper-management people that we have all probably worked with. They don't do anything, really. They draw a paycheck by inventing ways to make themselves seem indispensable.

    I have a sibling who is an Eldub. I remember when "fractions" were first mentioned. I said, "Huh?? So if water fractions were bad, that means that I could not have hydrogen and oxygen either? What's the big deal about blood components? Once separated, they are no longer blood, just as hydrogen and oxygen are not water." Needless to say, he was not happy with my disrespect of "Da Slave."

    Why does Jeehoobidoob hate whole blood and the 1/4 fractions, but allow "worldly" people to donate blood for medical products for JWs? Why can't Dubs take their own disease free blood and store it for later use? Why does Jeehobo for it that practice, but approves of animal blood being taken and stored for later processing, instead of being poured out on the ground?

    Its simple. GOD has nothing to do with it, and the GB are delusional, religious charlatans who are simply trying to slowly implement "adjustments" in order to produce some lame attempt at progress. The legal team of the WTBTS has no doubt orchestrated these changes to prepare for future legal troubles concerning the needless deaths that have occured because of the cults ban on life-saving medical procedures that involve blood. There is also some evidence that the WTBTS is in cahoots with the Bloodless Medicine industry.


  • Crazyguy
    Lets also not forget that in breast milk there's about 1 million white blood cells per drop. So if the Creator didn't want us eating blood then why put it in milk?
  • Vidiot

    Data-Dog - "...They draw a paycheck by inventing ways to make themselves seem indispensable."

    Damn, why didn't I think of that?

    Data-Dog - "...Needless to say, he was not happy with my disrespect of 'Da Slave'."

    More like he was pissed that you asked an intelligent question he couldn't answer. :smirk:

  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer
    I still can't understand how JWs can accept blood components when JWs don't donate blood. I've never heard a JW even attempt to answer the hypocrisy, selfishness and cynicism involved in that. Not just a bad explanation, I've never seen any sort of explanation whatever. Has anyone ever seen this defended?

    Watchtower policy regarding donation of blood is that a JW can donate blood for purposes of transfusion medicine so long as what is donated is dissected into "acceptable" parts before those parts are transfused, and anything remaining from the original donation is disposed of. (See: JWs can donate blood...)

    Unfortunately Watchtower does not advertise this particular aspect of its doctrinal position. That's understandable given it only adds to the doctrine's already legendary (not to mention hopeless) ridiculousness.

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