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  • blondie

    Notice that Rutherford's summer home Beth Sarim in California is not on any official jw travel tours. Not Pittsburgh/Russell.

  • Hairtrigger

    Blondie: Most Jws have never heard of Beth Sarin and if they do it's put down to " all apostate driven lies".

    Now speaking of Warwick and the advert to visit. Does this translate to more money? The dumb hobites must of course be ecstatic that they are privileged to walk Hobo god's Sanctum Santorum.The place where he , through his progeny jesus, will rule the earth "Oh!so very soooon!."

    The awe and the majesty of the place must loosen their parsimonious purses and ...Cha Ching! The previously bursting coffers of the GB now are mountains of never ending green streams of Ben Franklins! Along with the foolish gold silver and real estate haplessly donated by the hypnotized wide - eyed halibuts!

    And they return home thrilled, overjoyed and bursting with happiness . HOBO god has blessed them with a glimpse of his domain- never mind the warning jinggles of meagre nickels and dimes in their impecunious pant pockets!

    Hobo god will provide!


    That's the insane laughter of the GB. All the way to the Bank!!

  • blondie

    As the wife of the accounts servant in 3 different congregations for many years I can tell you it is hard for jws to spend their money on anyone but themselves. A few donate to make jw friends in high places, some like us because the utilities would not be paid and cause anxiety for my husband, and some to pave the way into the paradise as they approach death.

    I was just joking about Beth Sariim, but it's a pilgrimage for a few ex-jws as well as Russell's grave in Pittsburgh.

    No, as long as donations are mostly anonymous, many jws say they as individuals are too poor while they spend $50 a month on DVDs movies. My husband said if every individual donated $5 a month it would cover the local expenses.

    One elder during the talk pre-convention used to say: It's easier for one of Jehovah's witnesses to break a ten commandment than to break a twenty (as he encouraged tipping wait staff and the house staff).

  • Hairtrigger

    Blondie: yup I agree with you . That's why my comments on their stinginess in the last comment

  • Hairtrigger

    Baker: yup he did . But his coolaid killed. But the GB's coolaid... it keeps you on the rack. Squeezing very ounce of money ,emotion, individual and free thought, indeed your very soul. Wringing it dry so that you want to die but cant! That's the difference.


    Most Dubs are unaware that Cedar Point, Ohio, was shitty venue that Boozerford rented.

    "Cedar Point", is whispered in reverent tones by some. You would think it was the foot of Mt. Sinai!

    Alas, it was just another rented facility, where nothing really happened.


  • Brock Talon
    Brock Talon

    Excerpt from Journey to God's House, page 9.

    "We Witnesses named our headquarters Bethel, which translates in Hebrew to 'House of God.' Being asked to work there was the ultimate privilege a young Witness could aspire to. There simply was no higher calling for anybody raised in the Jehovah's Witness faith. Every religion has a special holy place which is revered and where its believers plan to make the occasional pilgrimage: Islam has its Mecca, Judaism its Wailing Wall, Catholicism its Vatican, and hedonists the Playboy Mansion.

    We Witnesses had Bethel."

  • LongHairGal


    So, a JW actually admitted this? There's no way any modern-day JW facility is going to measure up to holy sites of older religions!

    As another poster said: other religion's sites are rich in history, miracles, etc. The JWs can keep on wishing that they qualify as being "holy".

  • Brock Talon
    Brock Talon

    LongHairGal - It was meant to be a facetious comment about the thoughts my younger self had before I applied to go to Bethel. The comment about the "religion" of hedonism and the "holy place" of the Playboy Mansion is a clue.

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