Animals not meant to eat meat

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  • Diogenesister

    Hey Carl, good to meet you. Didn't know about the Lions in London Zoo in WW2 , that's interesting.

    There are fossils with undigested animal parts inside the stomach. Not to mention fossilized predators with the teeth and claws of meet eaters. Fossils take millions of years to form, therefore we know predation has been taking place for millions of years.

    Check out for some interesting facts on JW's ideas, are you familiar with it?

  • Bonsai

    Every living thing on this planet lives off the life of some other living thing .And it always has. - Smiddy

    Ooh, we have a bingo! (Inglorious Bastards quote)

  • berrygerry
  • Half banana
    Half banana

    @Bonsai...just like the GB live off their gullible followers.

    lol! berrygerry

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    For those who think adaptation to environment does exist but can never lead to new species:

    Look up what ring species are.

  • stillin

    The standard fall-back JW answer to this problem is "I don't know, but we'll have to BE there to find out!"

  • Heaven

    I think Lewis Black explains things fairly well here:

  • ttdtt

    Here is the FACTS about lions!

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Sharks for instance have razor sharp pointy teeth - indeed they do. Some sharks, like Great Whites, have serrated triangular teeth for sawing through tough hide and removing chunks of flesh. Others, like Makos, have thinner teeth that lack a serrated edge, for catching fish.

    Lions teeth sharp and pointy - again, yes. The canines of big cats are roughly circular in cross-section. The canines of wolves are oval in cross-section. I read somewhere that some scientists have studied this and concluded that the circular canines of big cats allow them to resist the struggling of prey in all directions. Wolves take shallower bites at running prey, and their canines are oval, flattened side-to-side, so that their teeth resist the huge single-directional force of prey running. I wish I had the references to hand but sadly do not.

    What all this means is that carnivores eat meat, and their teeth help them do this.

    PS consider also the dentition of T-rex. Anyone think that that monster was herbivorous?

    Edit: sorry, didn't realise this was your first post. Welcome, Carl.

  • moomanchu

    Say God had animals start to eat meat post sin or post flood,

    why would he have these animals break his own laws regarding blood?

    Especially these animals and bugs.

    Vampire Bat


    Vampire Finch





    Horse fly

    Black fly



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