September 2016 Watchtower Clothing including Tight Pants

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  • Listener

    Tony Morris III finally got his way and there is now a current article dealing with appropriate clothing for today's Christian. Funny thing is that it's actually an embarrassment to him and I'll explain why later.

     It mentions 'tight' three times in the article.

    YOU saw a lot of casual clothing, especially when it was hot,” reported a Dutch newspaper regarding a meeting of church leaders. “That is not the case at the convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses. . . . Boys and men wear a jacket and tie, while the girls’ and women’s skirt length is...

    In the first paragraph the clowns proudly boast that they are the only ones stupid enough to wear formal clothing in gatherings when exposed to hot weather and aren't sensible enough to dress accordingly.

    How grateful we are that Jehovah does not burden us with detailed lists of regulations about our dress and grooming. Instead, he has permitted us to exercise our free will and make sensible personal decisions, which should be guided by sound Scriptural principles.

    Here they acknowledge that dress choices are a personal choice guided by Scriptural principles but throughout the whole article they go beyond scripture and impose their own ideas.

    The Law showed Jehovah’s strong feelings against clothing that does not make clear the distinction between male and female—what has been described in our day as unisex fashion. (ReadDeuteronomy 22:5.) From God’s stated direction about clothing, we clearly see that God is not pleased with styles of dress that feminize men, that make women look like men, or that make it hard to see the difference between men and women.

    Now even unisex fashion is unacceptable even though it's been around for decades. I believe that women's pants were considered to be one of the first unisex clothing. Pant's, a shirt and jacket is so common today.  Of course they wouldn't see this as unisex because it is accepted widely.

    They use a scripture from Deuteronomy to apply the rule even though true Christians today are not under this law. The law was there for a reason, not simply because God could not determine whether they were females or males.  We may have lost a full appreciation of why it was made law because we don't understand many of the customs or situations back then.  There is some thought that the reason for this law was connected with disguises and the worship of different idols in other nations depending upon whether a person was male or female.

    Read 1 Corinthians 10:31. When we attend assemblies and conventions, our dress needs to be appropriate and modest rather than reflect the extreme styles that may be common in the world. Even as we check in and out of a hotel, as well as when we enjoy leisure time before and after convention sessions, we want to avoid an appearance that is overly casual or slovenly. Thus we will be proud to identify ourselves as Jehovah’s Witnesses. Yes, and we will feel free to give a witness as we have an opportunity.

    On their list is the requirement to wear neat clothes all the time when attending assemblies, including at the Hotel and during personal leisure time.  This is basically law and possibly the clearest instruction in the whole of the article.  This demonstrates how much control and authority they have over their followers and basically treats them like they personally own them during the times they are attending assemblies, meetings and field service. 

    Read Philippians 2:4. Why do Christians need to consider how their attire affects fellow worshippers? One reason is that God’s people work hard to apply the Bible’s admonition: “Deaden, therefore, your body members that are on the earth as respects sexual immorality, uncleanness, uncontrolled sexual passion.” (Col. 3:2, 5) We would not want to make it difficult for fellow believers to heed that counsel. Brothers and sisters who have given up a sexually loose lifestyle may still be fighting sinful leanings. (1 Cor. 6:9, 10) We would not want to make their fight harder, would we?
    10 When we are around our spiritual brothers and sisters, our manner of dress should help to make the congregation a haven of moral chastity. That is so whether we are together at a meeting or in an informal setting. We have the freedom to choose what to wear. Still, all of us have a responsibility to wear clothes that make it easier for others to remain chaste and to maintain God’s standards of holiness in thought, word, and conduct. (1 Pet. 1:15, 16) True love “does not behave indecently, does not look for its own interests.”—1 Cor. 13:4, 5.

    Here they tell us that what we wear can influence the sexual desires of others.  I can't help but think about Anthony Morris' rant about tight pants, especially in regards to constant referrals to them being connected with homosexuality.  It's no wonder that Anthony Morris the III has such a problem with tight pants.  The above revelation in this magazine should be causing him a great deal of embarrassment. 

    Also, when relaxing at the beach or at a swimming pool, the style of swimwear we use should be modest.

    The only modest swimwear that I've seen dates back to the 1920s or is worn by Muslim women. If they were really serious about modesty, Western standards in swimwear would not be appropriate full stop.

    Our choice of clothing should not make people conclude anything other than that we are worshippers of Jehovah.

    This comment in the final paragraph is way over the top. A man in a suit looks like in a suit.
  • purrpurr

    But if Jehovah can see into my innermost heart then surely he knows what gender I am without needing to look up my skirt?

  • minimus

    Great synopsis

  • tiki

    But Prince's getups were just fine and dandy because he was filling the coffers....

    Yeah...baggy a dowdy old frump. Its all a bunch of hooey.


    The Priests of Israel wore skirts and had beards, in obedience to the Mosaic Law.

    2) As a man, not shaving your beard was a requirement under the Mosaic Law. Men were not allowed to have hair like a woman.

    3) Women were not to have short hair. Their long hair was a gift from God, a crown of glory to be respected.

    Items one and two should still be in effect, according to the WTBTS's "reasoning." This would mean that JW men would have beards and short hair to avoid appearing feminine.

    Item number three should be applied to female hair styles, because the Apostle Paul repeated the Old Testament counsel on the length of women's hair. So JW women should not be allowed to have short hair styles.

    The WTBTS cannot stop pedophilia and uses Jeehobo's money ( donated funds ) to fight against mandatory reporting of sexual abuse, refusing to hand over their database of sexual offenders. They fight against the very laws that Geoffey Jackson told the RC the WTBTS would comply with.



  • WTWizard

    So I won't wear tight pants. I will just pull out all those old 1995 vintage pants that were worn halfway down instead. I wonder what they will think of that.

  • Rattigan350

    Datadog, men couldn't shave because they didn't have shavers. Shaving with knives and swords was difficult and dangerous. long hair on men looks bad. Short hair on women is cute.

  • Vidiot

    Data-Dog - "...The WTBTS cannot stop pedophilia and uses Jeehobo's money (donated funds) to fight against mandatory reporting of sexual abuse, refusing to hand over their database of sexual offenders. They fight against the very laws that Geoffey Jackson told the RC the WTBTS would comply with..."

    That fact alone disqualifies them from any claim to authenticity or legitimacy, let alone all the other things they're guilty of.

  • Vidiot

    Rattigan - "... long hair on men looks bad..."

    I think a lot of women would disagree with you.

    Rattigan - "... Short hair on women is cute..."

    No arguments on that one.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Our choice of clothing should not make people conclude anything other than that we are worshippers of Jehovah.

    Sounds like Donald Trump and his family could pass for JWs! Modestly dressed in suits and skirts, neither tight nor baggy, they must worship the Bronze Aged desert god Jehovah! (Just replace Domewrap's flag pin with a JW.borg pin.)

    Because what you look like on the outside is much more important than what is in your heart, right?

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