JWs and Coping with Reality

by Vanderhoven7 13 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • a watcher
    a watcher

    The real world can be brutal. JWs is a much safer place to be.

  • Vidiot

    Tell that to the child abuse victims, the disfellowshipped suicides, the loyalists who bled to death, and all their families.

  • LongHairGal


    One of the things that comes to mind was when I was in the JWs and how it seemed they played a game of fantasy. It was really a trick on the mind. They play acted as though they were a little village in ancient Israel.

    It makes me wonder if this messed with some people’s heads and maybe could play a part in why many JWs don’t want to deal with reality(?)

    The fact is that we all live in the modern world. Most of us, or at least I did, had to make a living in this world. The real one, I might add. Anybody who wanted to live out a fantasy that the JW religion was the ‘world’ they wanted to live in - that was their problem. Hope they can pay their bills.. Sometimes reality isn’t always pleasant but I don’t want anybody’s world of make-believe!

  • ElderBerry

    This is so true about not wanting to deal with the real world. This is what was the theme of Train-spotting. Choose life over drugs.

    The main character Mark Renton, He says I chose not to choose life I chose something else.

    This is what is happening with JWs, they chose not to chose life they choose something else. Just like the drugs it’s also very addictive and hard to get away from.

    Even if on a subconscious level they know it’s not true, they don’t want to give it up as it would mean they have to choose life.

    I see it so much with JDubs over the years. They lead very simple lives and don’t worry about the future or worry about anything really. They really chose something else, and never have to face reality

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