Shunning is psychologically terrorizing

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  • Oubliette

    Marvin: It's sad irony that the same organization that admits there "is no more potent killer than isolation" then goes on to use isolation on its membership.

    I don't think it's ironic; I think it is very deliberate. The WT leadership absolutely knows what a powerful tool of manipulation ostracism and shunning is.

    They wield it as a weapon.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    It's like prosecutor Steward said by their policies they have created a captive organization or held captive by the organization no matter which way you slice it it still means the same thing, I think his statements was meant to give direction for further prosecution which will occur later.

    A can of worms as regarding to lawsuits has been opened by the Royal Commissions public statements they have lost all credibility and the sharks are circling I see many many lawsuit and many for sale signs on WT property and finally bankruptcy.

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    I have heard speakers say ( about vocal apostates), ' why don't they just leave?'. I have always wanted to shout out ' why don't you let the leave without repercussions? Why don't you let someone annul their baptism without making them bear the heavy cost of shunning from their family. How can you hold shunning over someone's head just because they were baptized, often at an age too yojng to make such a commitment?


  • Finkelstein

    Its obvious the WTS created and uses its own terminology to support itself, an inherent endeavor to sustain power and control toward the men at the top . So why not create your own laws to protect and sustain that assuming power and control ?

    Back in the 1940's and even early the WTS heads such as J Rutherford subjugated his own power and control over the Watchtower Corporation. As it's known he received opposition from not only outside of " his " organization but inside as well, as those who were opposed to his reforming the doctrines already created by C T Russell.

    He undignified them by identifying them as the evil slave class. those who remained faithful to him were praised as righteous and spiritually strong to the " Truth " .

    The dissident questioning upon J Rutherford's personal behavior from certain people within the organization is probably what really got the DFing policy started.. The Judge ruled the organization with an iron fist, in spite of himself being an apathetic despicable individual in character.

  • GrownMidget
    Has any of you heard of Harry Harlow? He died in the 80's but during his time he did some controversial studies using monkeys where he would basically strip infants from any physical contact, which eventually somewhat lead to their death.

    Thinking that we, as humans, are social primates, and monkeys being close relatives, I am not surprised that in long run something bad might/will come out of the organization's evil shunning policies.
    On top of that this is not even "for science", it's simply made to maximize the free slave work and never ending greed for more money. Bible is very effective weapon when used correctly.

    If you want to read more about the experiment, check the Wikipedia page for starters:
  • slimboyfat
    I like to think they don't realise how bad what they're doing is.
  • Finkelstein

    When any organized cult such as Scientology JWS, and the list goes on institutes shunning between family essentially breaking that family apart, who have a crime against humanity plain and simple.

  • Rebecca 619
    Rebecca 619
    It's horrible, my son is df. and can see how awful it is, everyone he's known and grew up with can not say hi to him and completely ignore him, he's only 22 I tell him God loves him and be there for him always , sometimes he says if I want to invite the "friends " over he will leave, I tell him I would a million times rather hang out with you than anyone at kh, it's very cruel thing, shunning I hate it!
  • Warren Wilson
    Warren Wilson
    The org is so worried about reproaching the name of God but they do more to reproach it the almost any other religion.
  • possum
    Great points from all!
    When any organized cult such as Scientology JWS, and the list goes on institutes shunning between family essentially breaking that family apart, who have a crime against humanity plain and simple When you look at the loving/ upbuilding/counsel/come talks they are just thinly disguised HATE speech designed to terrorise the membership into submission. The hypocrites state that christendom frighten people with hell. While they require families and friends to treat former members as dead even though they are living!! Disgusting!

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