before you put this week's wt away, look at page 3.--

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  • jhine

    Faye , thanks for that . l didn't get the context , as you realised .


  • fulano
    I put the Watchtower away 15 years ago. A link?
  • DesirousOfChange

    Why the dislike ? I was only joking , meant no offence

    Jan, when you tell a joke (or in this case satire), you are supposed to tell the audience that you are about to tell a joke, or else about 1/2 of them will not know they are supposed to laugh because they will not realize that you just told them a joke.

    Notice the next stand up comedian you see. He will start with something like: "I have to tell you about a FUNNY thing that happened to me the last time I was at . . . . . ."

    Then he'll tell his "funny" story. Everyone laughs because they were alerted in advance that it would be "funny".

    He'll even usually follow up with something like: "Wow! That was FUNNY wasn't it! . . . . . ."


  • jhine

    DOC , mental note taken , no stand up career for me ! Lol


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