Does anything about your religion trouble you as a Jehovah’s Witness or is it all good?

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  • Vanderhoven7

    Can you add to this:

    "Does anything about your religion trouble you as a Jehovah’s Witness or is it all good?"

    Some of the things that would trouble me if I were a Jehovah’s Witness would include:

    a. the fact that every teaching that is unique to Jehovah's Witnesses is not in the Bible.

    b. the fact that 99% of Jehovah’s Witnesses today are not saved, justified from all sin, imputed the righteousness of Christ, or access to the New Covenant.

    c. the fact that I could not come to Jesus Christ and share my burdens with him and worship him as the angels in heaven, the wise men and his disciples did and all of creation will do to the glory of God the Father. Rev. 5:11–14

    d. the fact that I would have to shun my adult children if they lost faith in the leadership of the Society and disassociated themselves.

    e. the fact that I would be spreading a false unbiblical gospel that does not save anyone and affiliates people with an organization, but not to Christ.

  • a watcher
    a watcher

    I'm more troubled by issues that affect people personally, like inadequate spousal abuse and child molestation policies, theocratic lockdowns, and Covid vaxxines/boosters coercion.

  • Overrated

    Growing up in the "trooth " you could not ask questions. Do many questions and they would have you on the trouble maker list. If you had any brain cells and was a thinker you where considered not humble enough. Education is strongly discouraged. The Great Gee-hober wants idiots to serve him, or yes men to hand over their money to the Org.

  • LongHairGal


    It is SO true about them not wanting anybody to ask questions.

    When a person is new in the religion some issue or teaching will always come up that will make a person ask a question.

    I remember asking questions and getting inadequate answers along the lines of ‘waiting on Jehovah’ to either fix things, clarify things, etc.. I knew the answers I got were BS and got the sense that they hate thinkers! Too many questions and you will be on their radar.. Even writing to the ‘society’ as it was called proved to be a waste of time. I wrote a few times. I was still a ‘believer’ at that point and I consider that my questions were sincere. I received only one of what I considered to be an intelligent response that indicated that somebody at least read my letter!.. The others were a waste of time as I got laughable cliche responses which did not even address or downright ignored my questions. I knew then it was a waste of time and effort and I never bothered again.

  • JW GoneBad
    JW GoneBad
    Does anything about your religion as a Jehovah’s Witness trouble you...?

    Now there's a loaded question!🤣

    Take the 'No Blood Doctrine' for example. The JWs don't accept whole blood transfusions...Okay! But they do accept fractions of blood...right! Yet they won't accept Plasma by itself or any of the other components by blood cells, white blood cells and platelets... which amount to fractions of whole blood. Platelets are less than 1% (1/100) of the whole blood...white blood cells also makeup about 1% (1/100) of whole blood cells makeup 45% (43/100) of whole blood and plasma brings up the rear with making up about 53% (53/100) of the whole. Now if you add these 4 fractions together (1/100 + 1/100 + 45/100 + 53/100) you get 100% Whole Blood.

    I'm which fractions of blood do Jehovah’s Witnesses accept?

    Now if the JW No-Bood teaching isn't a conundrum & brain-teaser ...what is?🤣

  • alanv

    They openly say now they are not interested in talking to anyone who questions their doctrines. Just go to the website and all will be explained. But of course it isnt.

  • slimboyfat

    So many JWs cut off their children when they leave the religion in adulthood. How can a religion that causes so many family break ups claim to be anything but a harm to families and contribute to heartbreak of members?

  • FedUpJW

    I . . .got the sense that they hate thinkers!

    That is it in a nutshell. I remember my father telling me once during one of our many discussions, "Son, it isn't that you think too much. It is that others do not think enough!"

    Then he proceeded to show me five cases where Jesus asked, "What do you think?", of persons he was talking to. Can you imagine any one of the governing body EVER asking one of the R&F JW's, "What do you think?"

  • Overrated

    My late father who was a crazy Jw tried to get me to "return to Gee-hober " asked me what I thought of the Trooth. I said it's an oxymoron. Makes nosense!

  • Biahi

    My mom told me when I was a kid, “ Don’t think so much, or you’ll think yourself right out of the truth.” This was because I asked why we sang the song in our songbook, “Fear not those who kill the body, but cannot destroy the soul”. I said I thought we don’t have souls (according to their teaching). So my conclusion was that we SHOULD fear those who kill our bodies then.

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