The Sad lights (not the highlights) from the 12-1-85 WT.

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  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    I had found this WT a week or more ago and it had, as I previously posted on an article on how we "know" that Paul was part of the Governing Body in the first Century.

    Out of curiosity I looked thru some of the articles. Everything is so different when you know about how the WT is run by hypocrites and money grubbers. What I saw as something positive or totally trustworthy, I now can only sadly sigh and roll my eyes at.

    Did you know that before Caleb and Sophia, there was little Shelly and Stephen? Both children supposedly sent a letter to the Society donating a dollar. This was in the first paragraph of the article "Do you honor Jehovah with your valuable things?" As you might guess, this article uses them to show that anyone can donate. At the end of it, in a separate box titled "Just how is your Work Financed" the Society lists these:

    1. Gifts - donations of money sent directly to headquarters (property can be donated too)
    2. Conditional donation arrangement - Money, stocks, bonds a property can be given to the Society with the provision that, in cases of personal, returns may be made to the donor. This method avoids the expense and uncertainties of probate of will, while ensuring the Society receives the property in event of death. (yeah try to get it back like someone on this forum had to fight for)
    3. Insurance - The WT wants you to name them as your beneficiary and also wants your bank savings accounts put in trust for them..
    4. Wills - why leave anything for your family? Leave it all to us with a legal will. ps - send us a copy

    Was this the first big push for all of your money - dead or alive? I don't have the Cd to check. The funny thing is, the article starts out this way:

    Many ask this question. They are surprised when Witnesses calling at their door do not solicit funds. Others are likewise amazed when, attending a Witness assembly or visiting a Kingdom hall for the first time, they find that no collection is ever taken. How, then,, is the witness work financed? The answer: through voluntary contributions from those who want to honor Jehovah with their valuable things.

    Do people at the door or at a convention, ask this question? No the Witnesses are encouraged to tell the householder that the work is voluntary - to solicit a donation. They are just using this as an excuse to solicit the funds from the jw's in the congregations...

    New Missionaries Strive for Real Success

    David Olson of the Service Department Committee, told the experience of a man who supervised part of the project that succeeded in putting a man on the moon. Later, this same man earned his living sweeping parking lots. He felt more of a success in his second career. Why? Because his new work allowed him time to serve Jehovah and care for his family.

    Kingdom Proclaimers Report

    Love the "Perfect Bond of Union"

    Under this heading, a small article spoke about how in Zimbabwe, there was a devastating three year drought.

    Did the Society do this/these for the brothers and sisters there:

    • A. Send money
    • B. Send food and water
    • C. Send clothing
    • D. All of the above
    • E. None of the above

    If you answered E you would be correct. The article says this:

    This, of course, affected our brothers who live in those areas. However, fellow Witnesses responded wonderfully to the call for help. In fact, so much clothing was donated that it was necessary to inform the brothers not to donate more until further notice.

    It was nice that fellow regular witnesses donated clothing but where was the Society helping out? And although clothing is nice, food and water would have been better. But wait, someone did take care of that part. Did the Society finally do something?

    This, plus aid given by the government, provided most of our brothers with the help they needed. "Those still in need are also being cared for," reports the Society's branch office.

    Yet the Society doesn't say who is caring for "those still in need." If it was them, they would be tooting their own horn. It also downplays what the government is doing for the brothers.

    The next paragraph has, what is probably an imaginary person, giving a glowing testimonial:

    This loving aid on the part of the our brothers had not gone unnoticed. One unbelieving husband told his wife, who is a Witness: "While others are draining the people of all they have, you (Witnesses) are providing them with food and clothing." Favorable comments have been made by others also.

    So are the Sad lights of this WT.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Did the Society do this/these for the brothers and sisters there:

    • A. Send money
    • B. Send food and water
    • C. Send clothing
    • D. All of the above
    • E. None of the above

    If you answered E you would be correct.

    Sounds about right.

    A lot of charities and shelters offer soup kitchens and warm shelters for homeless and impoverished people. I just can't see the Borg being so humane. They see all nonWitnesses as ''dead meat''.

  • asp59
    How we know Paulus was NOT part of governing Body? He workt for a living.
  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    how about donating trailers for california wildfire relief? another provision for us to hellp ourselves because they ain't going to

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