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    387 Pages long, Bookmarked and Searchable.

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    Is the June announcements already available sir? Thank you!

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    Big Thanks Grandpa!

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    My PIMI wife mentioned that it was announced that elder's wives can now attend the last two talks of the elder's school. Because I stepped aside several years ago, my wife says this is another privilege that she has been robbed of. I dozed off so i missed the announcements. This sounds like some type gimmick by WT to get everyone excited about the latest thing! What do you all think? What would be their reasoning?

  • StephaneLaliberte

    Saturday Morning, page 6 is a prime example of their hypocrisy!

    They give an example of a sister who died while giving birth, and people around assumed it was due to rejecting a blood transfusion. People judged and were aggressive with them until the doctors confirmed that the cause of death was something else; they didn't bother mentioning what it was. When people realized they were wrong about the JWs, they changed their minds, and some even became JWs themselves.

    Here, they are clearly manipulating the information. They make it seem like those who are denouncing the Jehovah's Witnesses for the higher risk of maternal death are spreading harmful gossip! Hey, even the doctor said she died of something else!

    In the meantime, doctors all over the world are denouncing that the JWs are indeed at greater risk.

    For instance, the Singla et al. (2001) study concludes

    Women who are Jehovah's Witnesses are at a 44-fold increased risk of maternal death,

    If they truly believe that Jehovah is asking you to lay down your life in such a manner, then they shouldn't be afraid to present the facts to their followers.

    "Yes brothers and sisters, many of us will die, many will grow up without their mothers, and many husbands will raise their children without their loved one by their side. But this is the sacrifice that Jehovah is asking of us in order to respect the sacredness that blood represents.

    If they did this, I'd actually respect them for it. At least they'd be honest about it. Full-grown adults would be making that decision with all the facts in front of them. Instead, once in the hospital, professionals present them with these facts, and they don't believe it!

    Even when it does happen, they still don't believe it!

    For example, there's a sister that died that way in Quebec (Éloïse Dupuis). My dad was telling me that what we heard on the news were all lies. In fact, he saw the father of the victim give a testimony at a convention and confirmed it was all lies! Well, he believed this until I gave him a copy of the coroner's report. In that report, after carefully researching all the facts, the coroner concluded that she did, in fact, die, in agony, due to rejecting blood.

    Obviously, that report was too damming for Eloise's family, so they chose to believe that the whole hospital and the coroner were wrong.

    On the other hand, when a doctor reaches a conclusion they want, then they share it all over the world in their district convention!

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    Newly Enlightened

    Thank you Atlantis!!!! Very much appeciated

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    Beth Sarim

    Thanks always!!


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    Thank you, Atlantis -- can't wait for links of convention photo shoots reflecting attendance, etc.

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    Thank you so much Atlantis! That's amazing 😁

    Are there transcripts in other languages too ?

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    Thank-you so much.

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