The Watchtower Database of Child Molesters.

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    Hi Everyone.

    This is just a thought, while reading Bill Bowen's Silent Lambs website I was interested to find out how long ago the figure of 23,000 molesters was published.

    Well it was in 2002.

    In the spring of 2002, silentlambs was contacted by three different sources who claimed to have connected with people inside the headquarters of the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society of New York, located in Patterson , New York . These insiders provided silentlambs contacts with a computer data base number of 23,720 child molesters on file there.

    So as the Spring of 2002 was just over 15 years ago I wonder how many more have been added to the list ?

    23,720 in 2002 ......How many more 15 years later ? What is the total on the database now ?

    I truly hope that this all comes out one day and very soon !!

  • scratchme1010
    I'd be more concerned about why they are keeping a database. What is supposed to be the purpose of that?

    Scratchme1010 I totally agree !! Its very strange.

  • darkspilver

    figure of 23,000 molesters was published

    For clarity, I think that is suspected / alleged molesters

    scratchme1010: I'd be more concerned about why they are keeping a database. What is supposed to be the purpose of that?

    WHATSGOINGON: Scratchme1010 I totally agree !! Its very strange.

    Well the simple solution then is for WT to not keep a database. Just destroy it and throw it away. End off.

    I am sorry you feel like that.

    You may not want WT to keep a database - but I do.

    Though I understand that great care needs to be made about, especially as I believe it includes just allegations.

    The issue though it not about keeping a database, it is about how it is used.

  • stillin

    Life should be so simple. Create a list of names of people who creep you out, publish it. If you aren't on the list you can judge those who are. I wouldn't put it past the WTS to stick any "unrepentant fornicator" who the elders happen to df into their database of child molesters, just to 1) be vindictive, and 2) appear to be conscientious-looking to the authorities.

    I wouldn't put much stock in any list they have. Sure, there may be some actual cases to be found among those names, it much more likely to be the result of over-zealous elders.

    When have they ever done anything right?

  • Sugar Shane
    Sugar Shane looks as though they'll have a NEW name to add to their already vast database.

    This sick bastard is in Liverpool. Story broke about an hour ago, as I type this:

    People need to make some noise on this. Seriously folks, as a non-/never was JW, this stuff just sickens me to no end. The work of Reveal News is commendable ...perhaps someone on this forum has Bundy's ear, and can forward it to him (I'm sure he'll get wind of it eventually). Lordy, I sure wish some former JW celebrity would step up and do for Watchtower what Leah Remini has done for Scientology. Shakin' mah head.

  • freddo

    Sugar Shane - THAT post deserves its own thread.

    Edited to add: Ooops! - late to the party - someone already has.

  • mrmagic

    Bill Bowen commented to me some months back about the database being 50,000+ now. Did not get a chance to ask for more verification, but you can contact him and ask him about it.

    In my personal speculation, based on research and study of institutional systems/business systems, the list may/may not serve as leverage and profit on child trafficking, as well as a method to keep members compliant in not so legal actions.

    Another reason is the Jesus Manuel Cano case, the bethel elder and traveling missionary who was busted for 300 child porn DVD's and CD's in his Bethel room.

    If a pedophile, molester is reported to the list, he/she now may have a higher interest in staying with the organization and not speaking out against it ever, as it would mean telling on themselves. In addition, it now gives the org leverage to make him/her compliant in enabling this further. You can get him to do all your bidding for you, under the implied emotional/spiritual blackmail.

    Also, the list shows the way to the already molested children, who are silenced. They are already being molested and silenced, so the org can send an overseer who has already been on the list and offer him his choice of kids within that congregation. Think about the interest a JW pedophile elder/overseer would have in giving as much $$ donation to the org that has protected him with the 2 witness rule and gives him access to children who are already groomed and brainwashed into accepting it and blaming themselves for it and keeping silent.

    I think the big money comes from their investments into war technology, tobacco, and child trafficking. Same thing for the Catholic Church. My two cents.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    @mrmagic... You have said many things that are food for thought.

    But, I also must add about innocent children (your words, groomed and brainwashed into accepting it...). When they are subjected to such abuse, they become traumatized. So traumatized by the event, that when the next unwanted touching happens, sometimes they are totally unprepared as to what to do. Innocent children expect the adults to be good and nice and to act proper, but many, unfortunately, are not what they seem.

    Depending on the age of the child when abuse first happens and if it is a boy or a girl.

    You are aware that for some children, their innocence is taken away so early in babyhood, diaper age, that they can become so traumatized by it all, they can become mute, and might appear to be complacent, but it is more like... What is going to happen to me next? Will I survive this time???

    WT is MrEvil. Possibly the victims that step up and speak out are only the tip of the ice berg. WT does protect pedophiles. There is no denying that. How many perpetrators are there really in each congregation? If we knew, we would all be shocked!

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