Request for Research Help: WTS Views on Intersex Individuals

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  • Poppycat
    Why do the Governing body of JW's condemn people that are born with gender problems and have so called 'Sex change' operations. My friend who leads a happy life and was married to her husband in 2005, although she lived with him for some years before legally marrying him, has been told she cannot become a JW unless she leaves her husband and goes to the local Kingdom hall dressed as a man. She has had a letter from her doctor saying that she is female which she showed to the elders but despite this they put this condition on her. She is not a baptised Witness but has been associated with the witnesses for some years and they treated her as the female she is and the Watchtower originally said she was to be treated as a sister and then after her and her husband got married they came to her and said she had to live as a man. She was really upset as was her husband and both do not associate with that congregation although a kind sister has continued studying with both of them and has known my friend for around 40 years. There seems to be no ban on my friend and her husband going to the kingdom hall. She lives in the UK and before 2005 she could not get her birth certificate changed as the UK considered birth certificates as 'historical Documents'. My friend was registered as a boy initially and for a time she was brought up as a boy but as a baby she had some sort of genital surgery that was kept from her and she only discovered this when she was 18 years old. But the crux of the matter is she is female and her husband is not gay or bisexual but just a nice normal guy that people like and respect. She is a kind and caring person and she says she still believes in the Bible and she and her husband still study with the kind sister who was a nurse and knew of my friend's background. The society sent a letter to say that 'because she had lived as a 'man' for some years prior to her getting medical help she must live as a man to become a JW. This is totally ridiculous as she looks like a woman and acts like one and thinks like one and even some witnesses who know her said it would be an abomination if she was to go the hall dressed as a man or leave her husband. I find it all very puzzling indeed as one minute and to her face the elders treat her as a woman and are nice to her husband and also members of the congregation also speak to her despite all this. I just find this all so confusing and unkind. My friend has searched the bible from cover to cover and finds nothing in it that forbids Christian people from having necessary operations if they are born with gender problems. She was born with a gender problem. She does not take hormones and yet she has the figure of a woman and does not shave or the like and to make her dress in men's clothes she'd look like a woman dressed as a man. I find the whole thing totally cruel and confusing that the WT would do this to her. She is sad that she had to back off as when she was told she had to be a 'man' to be a JW by the local elders it really badly upset both her husband and and herself. She still does, with her husband, attend the memorial, but feels that she cannot attend other meetings due to the way she was treated. I find it confusing that one minute she was to be treated as a woman and then subsequently told she had to dress as a man and leave her husband if she wanted to become a JW.
  • Oubliette

    Interesting story Poppycat.

    Why would your friend even want to be a JW?

    Paragraph breaks would have been nice.

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