How many doubt the GB official teaching about who will survive

by Indoubtbigtime 14 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Indoubtbigtime

    What is their official teaching that only baptized JWs will survive God's war?

    Of course they teach that because that is their carrot and whip to lead people.

    But we know that is not the case, because many good non-Jws will survive too.


    Exactly they say this otherwise many would be sitting on the fence not getting baptised, but unfortunately this is actually happening no matter how the GB double down on the stupid ‘only baptised will be saved’

    what about all the orphans or disabled and mentally retarded people? The GB will kill them all as they were not baptised JWs under current teaching

  • ThomasMore

    Some JW parents surely believe it because they pushed about 144,000 kids into the baptism pool last service year, for fear that they would be destroyed at Armageddon which "is so so so so so so so so so so close now!"

    The absurdity of what the JWs have become is beyond anything I ever thought possible. The Moonies are looking more balanced these days than JWs.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Here is a classic example of child baptism pressure.

  • truthlover123

    Scripture says - the wicked- I dont buy into the babble that all are going to die, even in Egypt, there were others- although not specified, that left with the Israelites - Ex 12:38- a vast mixed company of others.

    With the org using old testament situations when it serves them, why, since those ones probably did not believe entirely but were "good" people- not wicked, doesn't the org say, there may be those of the same ilk who do go through?

    To say they won't is setting themselves up as prophets again which they denied many times and say they are imperfect and make mistakes.

  • Indoubtbigtime

    Do the new meme bees of the GB wear pinky rings?

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