Miney under the table and retirement

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  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    I know several older retired witnesses who comolain abiut how little social security pays. All of them made more than I ever did but were self employed. they fudged the amount t they reported on taxes and thought they would never get old. Now it is biting them. I have to agree with Long Hair woman on the hypocrisy against working full time

  • hybridous

    The greatest irony is that those who have most diligently adhered to the WTs advice over the decades, regarding matters of education, marriage & children, career, saving for retirement, etc....

    These are the ones most BURNED by the WTs faulty predictions about the end of the world. Their obedience and devotion has earned them a S-O-L situation whereby they must navigate years in a world they were never prepared for because they were told they would never see it.

    Believing that Jesus coming in on a white horse is going to bail you out of a bad situation is the basis for all sorts of bad life decisions.

  • LongHairGal


    Thanks, I appreciate that...How ironic it is that these JW friends of yours are seeing the fact that they worked or reported so little NOW coming back to bite them!

    What gets me is not just the fact that the religion knocked careers/college and promoted full time ministry (pioneering) for impressionable younger people: It is the fact that ALL the older generation in the congregations were collecting THEIR pensions!..These older JWs were in the workforce in their younger years! ..Why then would I NOT have been as well?..This is why I’m glad I never listened to to the nonsense floating around.

    The people suffering today were my age and knocked me and considered me ‘unspiritual’ because of my full time job..They pioneered and killed themselves doing cleaning. Their reward was that they were invited to gatherings I was not invited to. These gatherings were hosted by ‘great ladies’ who in many instances had a worldly husband who let them do their thing!...Yes, some man worked 40 years so they could go door to door sounding pious - and privately knock somebody like me for working full time.

    These older wonderful sisters have passed away (after living a comfortable life) and are not even around to help any of those gullible younger pioneers who have now reached retirement age unprepared and struggling. I am Retired today and very glad I was unpopular back then.

  • Magnum

    hybridous, I am one of those who was burned because I believed at the time that JWs had "the truth" and I lived accordingly - as if the end of the world were imminent and billions of lives were at stake. Did you ever believe it?

  • Mr.Finkelstein

    The underlining reason for this happening is that the WTS leaders wanted people to be giving $$$ and find more people to join their devised religion where they can also be exploited for labor and money..

    All the GB men and their wives live well in their retirement and what they do have they know will never go away as long as they stay in that position of the organization.

    Such as .....

    Food and comfortable living conditions

    Full medical and dental health care

    Cars with insurance, including gas to drive when they want.

    Travel around the world by air and treated like an adorn celebrity when they arrive.

    Swimming pools and tennis courts to use at their leisure at the JWorg. HQ

    Its no wonder they keep saying thank you brothers and sisters for you love, support and devotion. (To keep the kingdom work ongoing)

  • fulano

    Finkel, I think this has been discussed before, but I certainly wouldn’t change my life with any of them. Life is not just food, shelter and travelling. Freedom is what counts, in my opinion.

  • Overrated

    I worked for an elder who was a tight ass cheapskate but the fellow elder son he had always got a raise and bonus. No matter how hard I worked I got shifted on. Even discouraged from taking classes. Made a killing at retirement from serving Jeehober.

  • Mr.Finkelstein

    The elder ass kissing of and by individuals or those who are the children of elders goes on as I observed on a brief experience working with by brothers JWS friend.

    It seems like that is very much still there.

    There was a notable connecting element to what status you had in the Congregation(s)

    So so Brother was an elder so he got praise and preferential treatment to the other brothers yet he was ignorant and not a good worker, this even pissed off my brother.

    Maybe not surprising when it made known that I left the org and wasn't participating in the Org. I was demeaned and disrespected.

    Yet from a basic professional view I had the most experience and educational training.

    I kind of expected that but I hadn't spent any time with JWs for such a long time I thought it would be interesting to observe all of what I assumed about being in this cult myself .

  • Overrated

    Good thing my life all changed for the better when I walked out on Jeehober and his wonderful loving people.

  • GrreatTeacher

    Always amazed that people think getting paid under the table is such a good thing and then are shocked that since they didn't report income they don't get Social Security.

    It happened here locally. There were many self-employed watermen who worked for themselves all their lives and were having a tough time affording housing when the prices of real estate shot up.

    So, the county created a senior housing apartment building where they could live in a very small apartment for a less than market rental price based upon a percentage of their monthly Social Security benefit.

    The complex was built and the elderly watermen duly applied to the county. But, most of them had so underreported their income that they weren't qualified for any Social Security at all!

    Some had Zero income. One gentleman lived with his very elderly mother and when she died, the house was condemned because it had basically fallen apart. He lived in his car in the backyard until he died. Very sad.

    The county then had a problem filling their housing complex and ended up taking people on overflow from other nearby counties.

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