My life After Bethel Part 1

by new boy 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • TheListener
    Awesome! Legal sex at bethel, I love it! And if you couldn't find a room available one of your friends would let you secretly crash in their room (if they had a cool roommate).
  • Khaleesi

    Loving your experiences, soo captivating. .. keep them coming, it is 50 yrs of it so many more to come!

  • prologos
    Yours' was a cool wedding story of people coming out of the no-pay paradise of full time service. reminded me of us 2 special pioneers going on our honeymoon with $ 50.- in a volkswagen, to the second rate beaches on the east coast. orgasms in the most unlikely places.
  • careful
    Prologos: I hope it was a VW bus and not a beetle!

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