BEWARE - More force adding on FB

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  • JRK

    They are doing it again.

    A new group trying to boost membership is adding people without permission.

    "Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses AKA Behind The Veil of" added me this afternoon. They were bragging about how quickly they grew to over 2000 members. I quickly exited the group. The guy that did it was Tim Nasson, someone I do not know.

    This is so uncool. I hope faders are not affected. This reminds me of the wAAWAh fiasco. Even though it is a closed group instead of open, it could still cause someone a problem. I have a friend that was disfellowshipped and lost his inheritance with the last debacle.

    Check your groups on FB next time you are on.

    Take care


  • Zoos


    I joined that group voluntarily a few weeks ago. Since then, I have noticed this Tim Nasson character is very self-promoting. If he really pulled a stunt like you just described, I'll be leaving his group too.

    Hope he didn't screw you up too much.

  • talesin

    i can't get onto my facebook - long story short, I cleaned a virus, but some code is messed up, and facebook fails.

    If you see my name in any groups, could you PM me here? ATM, I don't belong to any, but a few of my f/b friends do. I would SO appreciate it.

    and be eternally grateful.

  • slimboyfat

    What's wrong with these idiots?

    Why do Facebook even allow this?

  • JRK


    No problem for me, but thank you for your sentiments.

    It is primarily a problem for faders. They can be outed as an apostate by browsers of FaceBook. Even just being a member of an apostate group is enough for an elder with a burr up his ass.

    Like I said, there was a real huge problem with another group(AAWA)adding people that didn't know about it. Do a search of the archives if you are interested.


  • jookbeard
    I dont mind Tim, he is also gay not that that is an issue but automatically adding exjw's to a pro gay exjw group without peoples knowledge is a recipe for problems , I left his group due to the usual bitterness against certain other activists and his support to others, all very childish sadly.
  • JRK

    I unfriended Tim.

    Here is the message I sent him before I did it: Tim, you really pissed me off today when you added me to your group without asking permission. Therefore, I am unfriending you.


  • JRK

    Tim Nasson's response: "My group is the best on Facebook and is CLOSED. Moreover, it's an extension of my personal page, since I don't post JW stuff on there. YOUR loss. Completely, especially since I give away free DVDs every week and will be giving away copies of my NY TIMES best seller. Take care."

    Newer response as I am writing this: "I literally care less than zero what you think. Again, your loss. Your friend someone you don't even know but hey pissed off about being added to a closed group, the best on Facebook. What a loser. LOL"

    I would say he can go procreate with himself, but I would be accused of being anti-gay.

    And I could care less about his cheesy writings and DVD's. Even if I could get a free copy, LOL!


  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Check your groups on FB next time you are on.

    So am I missing something... what's the name of Tim Nasson's group ?

  • JRK

    Pete, It is in the OP.


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