The Watchtower Flip-Flop Book!

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    The Watchtower Flip Flop Book contains two quotes where the Watchtower
    includes itself as a religious cult. And a quote showing that "new
    light" is something other religious teachers practice. The Watchtower
    Flip Flop Book contains 1,654 pages of quotes and scans of nearly
    every flip flop you can imagine.

    The Golden Age, April 25th, 1923

    "And as we let our light shine we must not forget to be courteous,
    kind, tolerant and sympathetic toward our fellows. And should not all
    religious "cults" bear this in mind?"

    The Golden Age, February 13, 1924, pg.306

    "Very good! And just here please bear in mind the eleventh and
    twelfth paragraphs of this article. Pastor Russell alone, of all Bible
    expositors, four hundred and three months ahead of time wrote of the
    close of the Times of the gentiles. None of the rest of the religious
    cults knew anything about it. The evidence is plain who was right."


    And the quote which says that "new light" comes from other religious teachers.

    The Golden Age, June 5th, 1935

    "Consequently those who have espoused the teachings of Judge
    Rutherford, and are spreading them, meet with many rebuffs, sometimes
    from the most unexpected quarters. Unlike other religious teachers
    with a new light, he has the advantage of modern invention to carry
    his cause to the most remote parts, and his own voice is heard."


    To find the 3 scans of the above
    quotes in the book, just click on the RED bookmarks and look for the
    little red arrows pointing to the paragraphs.

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    It won't let me download it for some reason

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    Freedom rocks: I'll find you a different link.

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    Another download link.

    Click the link--Wait until you see the front cover of the book in the "Preview:--then click the Black download button.


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    Here's a slightly more up-to-date version of one of those documents (Dec 2017) with an additional 50 pages of research.

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    Just downloaded. Thanks Atlantis! This is a great concept.

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