Telluric movements in the branch committees

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  • Jalisco

    Recently a Gilead graduate from a Latin American country told me that the Gilead school now trains branch committee members rather than missionaries because there are centrifugal forces there... this made me remember a paragraph from a watchtower from years ago which I hang below. In confirmation of this, I have learned, in the few contacts that I have, that in Athens there is a problem in the committee and they sent the coordinator of another branch. Very recently, 2 members of the Ecuador branch committee left and one left the organization and is an "apostate"..even though he graduated from Gilead 8 months ago.

    Something is happening...

    Here's the paragraph that turned a red light on when I read it...

    Watchtower 11/2016 page 11

    DO WE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS?11. What should appointed men do when they receive instructions from God's organization? 11 What should Branch or Country Committee members, circuit overseers, and congregation elders do when they receive instructions from God's organization? Jehovah tells us in his book, the Bible, that we must be obedient and submissive (Deut. 30:16; Heb. 13:7, 17). A critical or rebellious attitude does not fit into God's organization, as it could disturb the congregations, where there must be love, peace and unity. Of course, no faithful Christian would want to have a spirit like that of Diotrephes, a disrespectful and disloyal man (read 3 John 9:10). We could ask ourselves: “Do I contribute to the spirituality of those around me? Do I immediately obey and support the decisions of the men who direct the work?”

  • Atlantis

    2016-11-November-pg.11 Scan.

  • FragrantAddendum

    branch told them to destroy records

    "follow the money"

    wt ain't god's org

    shawn bartlett works for a different ma$ter

  • Listener

    “Do I I’mediately obey and support the decisions of the men who direct the work?”

    There must be no thought about the rightness of any orders coming from men who are fallible and imperfect. These orders must be obeyed, immediately even if they don’t stand up to God’s standards of fairness, honesty, kindness and

  • FragrantAddendum
  • WingCommander

    "Obey all orders without asking questions. No critical thinking allowed in God's Organization. Only obedience is required."

    This is the EXACT same mentality that took over Germany in the 1930's. They were a population raised on doing whatever was good for the FatherLand, and people as a whole. Individualism, questioning, and non-conformity were strictly looked down upon. Hence, they were ripe for an authoritarian dictatorship like the Nazi Party and Hitler.

    So too we see it in the JW ORG. The GB in the past few decades have dumbed down the literature and hence the Flock, into simple-minded child-like morons, while simultaneously surrounding themselves with "Yes-Men" with unquestioning obedience. It is an environment with no checks and balances, only "Yes Mein Fuhrers!"

    I mean seriously, would any one person with 2 critical brain cells think it a good idea to let a moron like Stephen Lett in front of a camera? LOL!!!

    I luv how WT HQ will cite biblical sources of total obedience, but you will NEVER hear them quote the example of the Boreans, who questioned an actual APOSTLE to make sure what he was saying matched up with what they'd heard about Jesus, and they weren't scolded for it, they were actually praised and set up as the example!

    A far cry from today's Governing Body Bozo's who constantly are harping on "OBEDIENCE" no matter what! Just gulp down that Kool-Aid, 'cause we said so! Oh, and don't forget the most important Commandment: DONATE!

  • FragrantAddendum

    when the root dries up (or is completely cut up), the branches will fall off...problem solved

  • Jalisco

    I think I have identified the member of the Ecuadorian branch committee who came out... I see that the interview video of class n.154 (the inside story) where he supposedly appears is not found. Is there an archive in the forum with all the downloaded videos? The jwtalk forum has it but it is reserved for users. If anyone has a login, they can download it from here.

  • NotFormer

    In that legal filing above, I note: "DOES 1-5 whose identities are unknown to the plaintiff". How accurately targeted must these filings be to go forward? Do a lot of anti-WT cases get thrown out simply because the plaintiff doesn't know which individuals or entities are the right ones to sue or otherwise pursue?

  • FragrantAddendum

    i'm not an official legal personnel person

    but from going over other cases

    it appears throughout time the anti-WT lawyers

    have been honing in on a couple things...

    "is the GB in charge or not?"

    if the GB is in charge, then you can sue them/put them in jail/whatever

    if the GB is not in charge, then why are JWs following them?

    either they're in charge, or they're not - they can't have it both ways

    the case "RKJW1 DOE" vs GB is not about the unidentified guys

    it's about putting the GB in checkmate

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