WBTS is sponsoring 'Privilege a Paedophile'.

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  • be wise
    be wise

    What I can't understand amoungst most things about the WBTS is the privileges they allow 'repentant' paedophiles.

    For example, they are not allowed to hold a freekin microphone [amoungst other bullshit], but the are allowed to hold the book study in there own home's. Are the WBTS fu#=in screwed in the head or what ? Somebody tell me, isn't this just evidence of there crazy up-side-down thinking process ?

  • wednesday

    be wise,

    it just clearly demonstrates they are only concerend with apperances of a clean org. They don't care a bit that he'd molest a child in someones home . they just want to put on a show to others that they have somehow sanctioned him.


  • rocketman

    One problem too is the jw view of what is really important. Having a study in a home, or going door to door, is not looked upon as quite the "privilage" that certain congregation functions, such as carrying mics, are. Therefore, a pedophile can be said to be "restricted" and yet he can still enter homes and study with people who have children.

  • hippikon
    but the are allowed to hold the book study in there own home's.

    We should have another thread about bookstudy locations

    Its hader to find people prepared to have a bookstudy in their home than it is to find someone to hold a mike.

    I remember one elder telling me they only held the book study at one persons house because it was the only way to get them to go to a meeting

  • be wise
    be wise

    ...by the way, can anyone provide a link to what the WBTS says about the privileges 'repentant' paedophiles are allowed. I've definately read this somewhere but I can't think where.

    be wise.

  • UnDisfellowshipped

    The only "privilege" that molesters should have is the "privilege" to clean the toilets --- in prison --- for the rest of their pathetic lives.

  • UnDisfellowshipped

    Be Wise,

    I will definitely try to post that info ASAP for you.

  • avengers

    hey be wise. How're you doing?

    130 - "Pay Attention to Yourselves and to All the Flock "

    Restrictions should be imposed to help the person see the
    need of continuing to make 'straight paths for his feet' and
    also out of consideration for the congregation's
    conscience. (Heb. 12:13)

    The privilege of sharing in the field service is restored
    when the individual is reinstated. other privileges, such as commenting at meetings,
    handling parts on the program, and offering prayer at
    meetings, can be restored progressively when it is
    determined that the individual has progressed spiritually
    to the point that he is qualified and when it is judged by
    the elders that the extending of such privileges will not be
    offensive to the congregation.

    The whole "flock-book" is on-line. E-mail me and I will give you the URL. I don't want to put the URL here because this site is monitored by these "upright men", and in the past they have requested several ISP's to take these books off-line. (I don't want that to happen)


  • SloBoy

    One of the molesters in our area (elders son), was given the ol' WBTS special treatment: private reproof, some restrictions, but all talk of the crime was considered malicious gossip. Perp was allowed to sign for the deaf, including prayer. The real hard pill to swallow was all the friends of the family thrusting young children into his arms to "show" those of us with concerns, just how wrong our perceptions were of his "problem".

  • SloBoy

    BTW...perp was later df'd for similar conduct.

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