Shallowness in 4/29 Watchtower study

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  • Rattigan350

    Move Forward as a Spiritual Person.

    Paragraph 2 "Robert and his wife began passing time by quizzing each other on Bible subjects. His wife, a spiritually strong person, had no problem answering the questions, but Robert found himself constantly embarrassed, not knowing what to say."

    There is no indication of how she fits the template of a spiritual person other than she can answer Bible trivia. Is that simply an effect of her being "spiritual person"? Perhaps her house or car is a mess, but she does great in Bible Jeopardy. Perhaps she is mean and a complainer or spends too much but is good at quizzing.

    So he is embarrassed because he does not know the answers to quizzing? Perhaps he is busy working, cleaning, and a good husband. Wouldn't that be better than knowing trivia?

    Their focus is not on practical things, but on the organization.

  • asp59

    I thought being spiritual was showing fruits of the spirit. I give her praise for quoting Bible text if we live still in time's of Jesus using the scrolls. But now you can just get Bible verses using an app.

  • moreconfusedthanever

    The problem with that is that a person can have very good "head knowledge" of the scriptures without believing it or being a spiritual person.

    We have all seen ones who can talk the talk but certainly do not walk the walk. Paedophiles for example.

  • nowwhat?

    When I read the bible and really studied like he claimed he did. I found a lot of flaws in our teaching!

  • hoser

    Reading the bible helped me wake up

  • Odrade

    much more likely that this is the classic anti-woman rhetoric that she needs to demonstrate submissiveness by dumbing herself down so her husband can retain his Man-of-the-Household ego.

  • steve2

    In JW organization, wives need to be dumber than their husbands - it's far less trouble. Simple as that.

  • Odrade

    ^^^ this

  • Gorbatchov

    Typical a JW article: for the simple people.

    Jo Publisher working 60 hours a day and his wife wins the game.

    There are other things in life...


  • BluesBrother

    Quote Gorby:

    "Typical a JW article: for the simple people."

    Eg. I know elders who know all the answers & quote verse and WT ref. Do they apply what they know in their life?

    Not at all.....

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