Advice on books to read up on please

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  • greven

    Terry Pratchett. If you want a good book to start I would recommend Small Gods, it's IMO the best he ever wrote. He has a very wild and entertaining way to look at things.

    SYN, did you read The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents from TP? It's brilliant!


  • SYN

    Spicey: RFA sounds like an interesting book judging by the Amazon reviews (sadly I haven't been able to read all of Philip K. Dick's books ) His short stories are where he's at his best, though!

    Greven: Actually I only read Maurice and his educated rodents very recently. It's fairly good, but nowhere near as good as his other books

  • garybuss

    I did a bit of research to be prepared to confront the Witnesses . . . . but about half way through I lost the need to confront them, after a few months and a few books I lost the will to confront them, and after some more books and visiting with victims of the Witnesses, I lost the stomach to confront them.

    Now I spend my time with people who treat me good and I devote my time to helping people who are recovering from the group. I don't have time for those who are happy to stay.

  • logansrun

    Elaine Pagels, "The Origin of Satan" and "Adam, Eve and the Serpent" -- both excellent.

    John Shelby Spong, "Rescuing the Bible From Fundamentalism" -- not too detailed, a good start, though

    Any commentary in the Anchor Bible Commentaries series. You can usually find these at a library, especially a university one. They're quite expensive to buy, but were invaluable to me when I was trying to investigate the Bible from a strictly secular standpoint.

  • Valis

    Spicey...if you're into Dick, don't forget to read VALIS...hee hee..another pice of fiction I like is Towing Jehovah...both at Amazon.

    The Ancient Gods by E.O. James is one of my faves. Its an old book, but well worth the search.


    District Overbeer

  • SpiceItUp

    Greven & Logan---- thanks

    Gary---- Well I see your point but in this stage I am more determined than ever. In fact I never used to care. I used to just go about my business with my real friends. Then I met all the people here and something in me changed. I know realize that I have the information and resources at my hand to actually make a difference for those that I care about. To each his own I suppose. Not everyone could deal with it but since I am in a position to give it a go then I will.

    Valis--- lol ...I'll check out the book. thanks

    Thanks everyone for all your input.

  • peacefulpete

    A new book entitled, "Secret Origins of the Bible by Tim Callahan is very readable and covers much of the Bible not just a narrow focus. I had the pleasure of meeting and dining with him and while I feel he is not as radical as I think he should be he does do a very good job dissecting the Bible. Millennium Press, 2002....The Skeptic Society has them in stock as Tim is a regular contributer to the magazine.

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