I attended my 1st Easter Mass

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  • SpunkyChick

    This was the first year out of my 24 years of life that I did not attend the memorial at a Kingdom Hall! I decided to attend Catholic mass and accept communion (my father insisted I get baptized a Catholic when I was a baby, before he came into the borg). It was interesting to smell the incense, listen to the choir and hear a different sermon given. They had a woman read a scripture and even prayed for President Bush. I thought that was interesting. Anyhoos, just wanted to share my experience. Did any of you do anything for Easter?

  • Robdar


    Hooray for you. I am glad that you enjoyed your first Easter service.

    For the Orthodox, Easter or Pascha will be next Sunday and that is the one I will be attending.

    Let me tell you, the Orthodox throw it down on Easter. The service will start on Saturday night at 11 and run all the way to about 5 on Sunday morning. After that, the party begins!

    It is the end of fast and everybody can eat meat again. The women of the church make up a feast of lambchops and good eats, people bring their own alcoholic beverages and everybody parties and eats and then parties some more. Later on Sunday, the Church members have a picnic. Oh, and they hand out lovely scarlet dyed eggs to the children. It's all good. Very good.


  • nightwarrior

    Well apart from holding our own memorial on the 16th, we had a lovely weekend, and on Easter Sunday we went to an animal farm, and saw all the first signs of spring and re-birth and the beauty of Gods Creation, and then we had a lovely picnic with close family friends and we had a lovely day.

    No pressure, just relaxation and peace. Wonderful!!!!!!! and we ended the day off with a lovely Turkish meal at a lovely restaurant all shared with close family and friends.

    The perfect end to a perfect day...............

    Mrs Nightwarrior (of the peaceful and happy class aaahhhhh)

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