new Young People Ask article aimed at non-JW youths

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  • neat blue dog
  • Divergent

    The article mentions numerous non-JW's who supposedly made positive comments after attending meetings. HOWEVER, the glaring part is that NOT A SINGLE ONE of these ones actually became a JW!!! LOL

  • ToesUp

    "Find the best kind of friends?"

    This is TOO funny! The kind of "friends" who turn their backs on you, as soon as you leave or ask questions. lol

    Yeah, conditional friends are the best kind...NOT!

    All my JW "friends" are gone! Their loss!

    My best advice to anyone wanting to join the WT/JW cult movement.....RUN LIKE HELL!!!!

  • sir82


    Why don't they mention Brother Bumblemouth's disjointed rambling "public talk", which is nothing more than a series of unconnected phrases punctuated with out-of-context "proof texts" which mostly have nothing to do with the theme?

    Or Sister Selfrighteous' long winded hypocritical criticisms of "Christendom" during the Watchtower study, condemning them for stuff the JWs do even worse?

    Or how a first time visitor will be surrounded by virtual hyenas, with 10, 20, 30 people asking "so are you studying the Bible yet? Wouldn't you like to study the Bible? You should study the Bible. I can study the Bible with you! Don't study with that last guy who talked to you, he's not even a pioneer, I will study with you, I need more easy hours..."

  • Londo111

    If they don't become a JW, their new friends will quickly abandon them.

  • JW_Rogue

    LOL young people aren't interested in any of that stuff

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