Warwick Protest 11-5-2017 - Who's all going?

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  • UnshackleTheChains

    Fair plays to the organisers. Anything that draws attention to this high control religion is a bonus. I wish them the best 👍

  • Alfred

    I think it will just be the same old protesters... you know, Rick Fearon and the guy he pays to film him.

  • steve2

    My heart-felt congratulations to those of you organizing this. All reasonable and courteous power to you. Just knowing you are doing this delights me!

    A few short months ago I would have been one of the voices saying, "Waste of time, guys."

    But I've re-thought my knee-jerk negativity.

    Anything within the law that can help those of us who have been judged, hurt and rejected by JW organization is not a waste of time.

    • Speaking out can be therapeutic and empowering
    • Speaking out can provide a warning to others who think JWs are just another harmless religious group
    • Speaking out can drive home the message that it is not okay to turn against your brothers and sisters because they may have questions, misgivings or concerns.
    • Speaking out will highlight how cowardly many JWs have become over time. Where are the oldtime JWs who put up a decent argument for their faith and their stand? Gone. Dead
    • Speaking out will also provide an opportunity for any inside to perhaps feel moved to quietly and privately check out JWfacts.com (for example).
    • Speaking out will drive home to JWs that they have all the information in their hands already - on their iPads and tablets, a click or two away.

    Man, if JW organization thought it could start afresh in Warwick, making "good" appearances to its neighbors, it's got another think coming.

    Go well guys and gals. I have such love for you all! I so admire you all and congratulate you on your wonderful courage and commitment to exposing JW organization.

  • JRK

    Two glaring things to me were that they have set up a GoFundMe page and a PayPal account. The only thing worse than a religion begging for money is anti-religion people expecting handouts. If they are serious, put your own skins in the game.


  • Sugar Shane
    Sugar Shane

    No doubt it will. Just as there are diehard Scientologists are probably more convinced than ever, that theirs is the ONE true path. Yet, the heat is VERY much on their leadership. Japanese Emperor Hirohito was considered a GOD by many if his citizens during WW2. That was until he was forced to surrender, and make a radio address in August of '45, in which he announced the surrender of the Japanese Empire, AS WELL AS his admission that he was NO GOD.

    PRIOR to his "NO GOD"/surrender announcement, there were mass suicides among Japanese civilians in Siapan and Okinawa. They were told that allies were devils (read apostates), and that they were engaged in a "Holy War." Isolation on these Pacific islands prevented them from hearing anything but the propaganda. His announcement changed that overnight. My uncle walked around in Tokyo the following month in his Navy crackerjack uniform, as part of the occupation. No attacks against him, no violence...in fact he said the population was somber, yet very polite. All because their GOD revealed himself to be a fake.

    I don't know how it would play out with the JWs, but it seems that Geoffrey Jackson did, somewhat reluctantly, admit to NOT being God's earthly representative, during the ARC commision. Last spring, was the Watchtower magazine's admission that "we aren't necessarily inspired or infallible." Something to that effect.

    Point being, that none of these admissions by the Gibbering Body would've surfaced, without external pressure from the courts and media coverage. My opinion, FWIW, is that yes, the diehard J-dubs will feel emboldened, as the heat is put on their dear leaders. But, eventually something's got to give...a GB member is gonna step down, or be forced out. Maybe someone they will splinter off and try to go 'mainstream,' as the Worldwide Church of God seemed to do. Better to do something (legal and non-violent), than to do nothing.

    Btw--I say non-violent, but if I hear of a kid getting abused, by an elder, or other adult...that's different. "Don't fuck with us" 😊


  • Sugar Shane
    Sugar Shane

    Sh!te! While I'm thinking about it, there's a B.A.C.A. (Bikers Against Child Abuse) chapter in Staten Island, which is probably the closest one to Warwick. The chapter Prez goes by "Demo," and their local hot-line is tel: 347-216-6531

    It's short notice, but if any of the November 5th organizers are in this site and want to give em a yell, they might...just maybe, be able to organize a rumbling mass of Harleys to cruise up to Warwick and make a stand. I went to a similar event against the Westboro Baptists. I think there's Youtube video of it out there.

    I hate cults.

  • smiddy3

    Maybe the B.A.C.A should be hired by the money donated from GoFundme to participate in this protest ,maybe if they know the facts they will do it for nothing .

    No harm in asking is there ?

    True the die-hard JW`s will harden their hearts and believe its a sign they have the truth however fringe JW`s and newly interested ones and the youth in the congregation will likely have second thoughts about being involved in such a religion.

    So I wouldn`t dismiss this type of protest out of hand ,they all have a role to play in exposing the JW religion as a cult to stay away from.

  • zeb

    What did the Biker say?. . "Child deaths ....due to abuse gone up 20%"... Go bros go!

    Having these bikers first informed of the wt appaling record then rally at Warwick complete with the evening news cameras might be chastening to the WT.

  • Sugar Shane
    Sugar Shane

    B.A.C.A. is a 501c non-profit, so they might take a donation, or a ration of grilled burgers & steaks. They often show up at court hearings to represent the child, and basically stare down and indimidate the fuck out of the abuser/molester. That being the case, the Mayor of Warwick, a judge, sheriff or city attorney would very likely be familiar with B.A.C.A., and would probably welcome them with open arms. To anyone organizing this event, I would STRONGLY suggest you contact a such a local official, and explain the JW child abuse problem to them. Maybe some former victims can talk to them as well. I'm sure they've already been contacted about the protests in general, so I would not think of it as a stretch to get them on board with B.A.C.A., and to make contact with them. But, best to get on it like now. First thing in the morning.

    That's not to say that you/organizers shouldn't contact B.A.C.A. as well, but the city officials in Warwick likely have an existing rapport with the group. BTW, these Harley riding, scary looking, wooley-mammouths-in-human-form, ALL undergo a thorough police background check. They also receive intensive training in counseling, ect. I think there are a few ex- 1 percenters from waay back when, but all good dudes (& chicks).

    Here's the anti-Westboro meetup I went to. As you can see, the cops were right there. Westboro protesters were chanting "God Hates Fags" & "Down with Soldiers," ect, but they couldn't compete with V-TWIN PIPES. Haha.


  • Acluetofindtheuser

    The organizer of the event talked to the Mayer and Supervisor of Warwick Friday about the issues going on with the Society regarding child molestation scandals. He talks about this in front of a Pub in Warwick before picking up some people involved with the program. He looks to be setting up for the weekend event which is ending today. It will be interesting to hear what comes of all this.


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