Laci Peterson's "Fetus" -- topic of abortion debate -- please comment

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  • crownboy

    Well, I think NOW is correct. I'm pretty sure this can degenerate into an abortion debate for certain anti-abortion politicans.

    I say we create a new criminal category for such an offense that has no bearing on potentially weakening abortion laws.

  • avishai

    Crownboy, are you a parent? Just curious.

  • Soledad

    I agree with the above comments, the baby could have survived on its own at that point in time. Double murder.

    If he is found guilty, that is.

  • LyinEyes

    My son was born premature at just 6 1/2 months old, I literally could hold almost his whole body in my hand. He fought to live. I mean he fought a defect in his urinary tract, damage lungs , premature lungs, damaged kidneys. The doctors said he may life to take a breathe and then we should expect him to pass on within an hour at the most.

    My point is,,,,,,,, my little tiny baby boy, fought the pain, he went thru , especially those first weeks, he had a first surgery at 5 days old, he had a spirit I believe that fought to live. He was even younger than Laci's baby.

    Laci wanted that baby boy, he was named as my little son was named before birth.

    If the father didnt want the baby, what in the hell right did he have to take Laci's life, and that of the child? He had NO right. He could have left her, divorced her, hit the road with the other woman and it would have been sad , he would still be a piece of shit but he would not be what he is in everyone's eyes right now.

    TO kill someone for money, their insurane settlement, to not have to deal with them anymore is the most EVIL thing he could have done. This hits me hard, it pisses me off, because there is a doubt in the minds of many in my family that my mother's suicide could have been murder. We will never now, but my dad got a HUGE life insurance policey from her death and got out of paying me over 190,000.00 for my part of her divorce settlement from him,,,,,,,I guess in my shock of what happened with my mother I signed it all away..........It is not the money that kills my heart but that he could do this. I never got a penny from him , in anything that was my mother's . It just seems weird to me that my dad would not make sure that I was taken care of , even thou I was 18 , instead he kept every last cent and made comments to my husband that , my mother's death got him out of debt, with the IRS even. SO we can all just wonder who deseperatly will someone get to do something like this?? It happens all the time.

    Getting back to the Peterson's ,,,,,,,,,, I think he should fry twice for both of the lives he took, if he indeed do this.

    Does anyone know was this child by his DNA proven to be Mr. Peterson's without a doubt? I mean I was trying to think why he would kill them both,,,,,,, did he think the baby was not his maybe? Still no excuse but just trying to find motive, for killing the baby.

  • SheilaM

    NOW has no bearing on California penal code THANK GOD

    I find there supposed representation of WOMEN a joke, they don't represent women they are much better at representing a misogynistic murderer are they not. I mean if Conner had been female would that be different NO they don't care. I wish they represented REAL women, women that know that what has been done to Laci is murder no matter at who's hands. If Laci had delivered Conner and strangled him at 8 months what would that be to NOW.

    Also my little friend in sculpture who is 19 had her baby prematurely she is 2 pounds now, was born a week ago at 1. 5 pounds. She wasn't due UNTIL JULY, but you know they are treating the baby and the baby is thriving hmmmm what would NOW think.

  • wasasister
  • wasasister
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  • wasasister

    NOW is typical of many advocacy groups, whether it be women's rights, animal rights, civil rights....and on and on. Many of these causes were begun by sincere people trying to correct serious mistreatment of disenfranchised segments of society. Then, the radical fringe takes control and you have:

    The above instance of a murder case being turned into an abortion debate

    PETA groups wanting to give lab monkeys the right to sue their owners

    Jesse Jackson

    The original inequities that lead to the formation of NOW were legitimate and needed to be addressed. It is a shame most people have come to view this organization as a bunch of lesbian hairy-legged man-haters.


    PS: SIMON!!!! what is UP with this multiple posting? Nothing I do seems to be effective.

  • blacksheep

    I cannot believe NOW's stance. Talk about an opportunistic move. The woman was 8 months pregnant. No woman in this state could have ever had an abortion. That is ludicrous. Connor was a legitimate human indivdiual in his own right. Had he been born when Laci was killed, the odds of his surviving would be excellent. He, along with this mother, was brutally murdered and deprived of life.

    What, oh what, justifies ANYONE to claim he wasn't an individual. As a mother, I have nightmares about Connor. He should have been being cuddled and embraced by his adoring mother. Not washed up on shore dead. I'm heartbroken. For him and for Laci.

    Like someone else said, NOW can kiss MY ass.

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