Hartlepool UK JW groomed girl for sex

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  • wifibandit
  • LevelThePlayingField
    Serves him right. I'm glad they named him as a JW too.
  • possum

    If they want the right to self righteously portray themselves as the only true clean christian organisation in the whole world and place them self in public with their little carts and land on every-bodies doorsteps (uninvited)

    they don't have the right to deny the public information to keep their children safe when child groomers/pedophiles could be at their door soon!!


    NOW do you people see why the GB have so lovingly made a video about Sophia not buying ice-cream?!? Can you see why ice-cream is bad?? It's a gateway to the "gear stick."

    I'm so glad they nailed that MF'R!!! I wonder how hard the WTBTS defended this predator?


  • cultBgone
    Amazing that he called her a liar when he'd sent those texts, what an idiot! Glad the girl and her parents reported him.
  • possum

    What disobiedant parents!

    no "2 witnesses"

    How dare they? the elders may have already judged him as repentant!!

  • chicken little
    chicken little
    Grew up in that congregation, it was there that a special pioneer/elder aged about 55 turned my face to kiss me full on the mouth as I was getting out of his car after getting a lift home from service. I was 14 and so terrified to tell anyone and felt I had done something wrong.
  • falseprophet
  • truthseekeriam
    So glad the victim spoke up and received some justice.
  • falseprophet

    I warned the elders ten years ago.

    First met this guy in the Sign Language Congregation in Billingham.

    Shame I didn't have enough evidence to go to the police at the time or I would have.

    This guy convinced the elders I was apostate. I had never visited an apostate website or read anything contradictory in my life. Yet, accused of such and even being pinpointed to a username on JWN made me look at what "I" had apparently written.

    That's how I first was introduced to this website.. by a Jehovah's Witness Paedophile complaining to the elders!

    Richard Ogilvie was protected by Neil Thomson in the Billingham Sign Language Congregation as they both travelled around accusing me of apostasy to discredit my account of his pedo activity.

    After a while, nothing was done so I reported this indirectly to the elder Ian Newton who was also in that congregation. I was told an eye would be kept on him. I stopped going on the ministry about this time. Ian is a class bloke and he would not wish harm on any child, however I think I he mentioned this to a few elders and expected them to follow through. None did.

    I decided to take it to other elders including John Weatherill directly and Paul Shrimpton indirectly through a friend. This time completely ignored.

    Fed up, the best thing was to move congregation. I moved from the "Billingham Sign Language" to "Billingham".

    After the move things were quiet. For a while.

    It stirred up when Tony Kane (The Hurricane) became our Circuit Overseer. He really wanted to know why a relative of mine had stopped attending and it was in part due to this circumstance. Pressing, I agreed to a visit.

    Tony, was actually very good on this visit and I thought things would start getting into action. This was two years into the first indecent. However, he soon told me it was too long ago that I had been called an "apostate" to take any action and that slander wasn't a serious offence and I should ignore it and just continue to serve Jehovah.

    So, slander isn't a serious offence. Slander is the *only* thing Satan did to Jehovah and is the most serious offence, according to the Insight Book, published by Jehovahs Witnesses.

    I was later dragged into meetings by an elder called Jim Melia and he told me that another relative would be disfellowshipped if I didn't accept their punishment, which was to remain silent.

    Other elders involved that I only told about being accused of being "an apostate" include John Kinson (Billingham), David MacKay (Billingham), Roy Glen (ex Billingham/Darlington), and one other elder who I refuse to name because he accepted my evidence and was blocked by the named above.

    They have known for TEN years.

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