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  • avengers

    Just got off the Phone with a brother this morning. He walked out of the Watchtower Study due to offensive remarks on the abuse issue. This was the Watchtower Study that was the second in the March1, 2003 series. This magazine was undoubtedly one of the most propaganda based articles based on the abuse issue that have been written in a long time. The Study article last week cased several brothers and sisters to contact me about the remarks made in their local congregations. In many congregations the dateline program was mentioned specifically and described as apostate information. These brothers have an amazing sense of memory as Watchtower commented to dateline about the reason for them not appearing on the program was not due to "apostates" but instead due to it being their brothers and sisters with their wish to not appear adversarial on the Documentary. When the program airs the Watchtower then appoints judicial committees to disfellowship everyone on the program and now labels them apostates. Does anyone see just a tiny bit of hypocrisy here?

    The brother walked out when the conductor stated, "The Catholic Church has been exposed for its scandal on child abuse and the media tried to implicate God's organization also. We are happy to now understand that God's organization has been complete exonerated from these false charges and see where the real source of this misinformation is coming from." Thus the implication there is no problem with child abuse in the organization but instead it was a creation of the apostates as a way to persecute God's people.

    Would you have walked out?

    For those that remained do you think they really believed this?

    With one stroke all victims are being called liars once again by Watchtower Policies and the rank and file are being LIED to by the Governing Body. It highlights the importance of not letting this issue die and keeping it before the media. Remember this at the end of next month by supporting the "One Thousand Lambs Worldwide" campaign, it is something each of us can do to help the organization remember that we will not forget nor accept their lies.


    I think I would have had such an upset stomach, that I would have vomitted right there and then.

    I commend the person who DID get up and leave the Watchtower study.

    I'm sure there were a few more who did as well.

    Typical of the WTBTS - twist of truth, manipulation and deceit = ultimate disgust

    The lambs' roars will be exceedingly impossible to drown out.

    "you can fool some people some of the time; but you cannot fool ALL the people, all of the time"

    For those of you who attend the meetings, does this affect you in the least?

  • Celia

    How can they lie like that ? How can the dubs listening to that garbage just sit there and not say anything ? What would happen to the person who would raise his/her voice during such a talk and say : how can you lie like that ? 6 year olds have been molested and raped and abused.... it happens in our religion as it happens in the Catholic Church and other places...

  • ozziepost
    We are happy to now understand that God's organization has been complete exonerated from these false charges and see where the real source of this misinformation is coming from."

    We find this VERY interesting, Avengers. Do you have any more detail? Like, how was "God's organisation" completely "exonerated"?


    Cheers, Ozzie

  • NameWithheld

    In a JWs mind, the WTBTS is pre-emptively "exonerated" for all wrongdoings.

  • Pistoff

    Here is your answer: I hear that the brother, known to be a veteran liar anyway even by other elders, looked earnestly at the audience and said this: "We have seen how the Catholic church has been rocked by priests abusing children, and then God's organization was accused of the same thing; now we are happy to see the real source of these accusations, to see that they are not true, just apostates lying." Thus in one fell swoop this idiot brother, nameless for now, called all victims in this ordeal LIARS without once looking at the evidence for himself. FACTS mean nothing; rational discussion means nothing, free speech means nothing, freedom of information means nothing, free thought means nothing; NEW YORK has said, by inference only of course so that they can cover their tails later, that the accusations of sexual abuse are from apostates, are lies and distortions inspired by Satan, and now the rank and file needs to just forget the whole thing. NOTE that we are supposed to believe the statements about the Catholic church, they are true, but when the same press reports the abuse withing the WT it is now Satan using the media to distort and lie about "God's organization." I am lately coming more and more to believe that when people continue to swallow whole this type of reasoning, it's their own fault for not doing some critical thinking.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    "If you tell a lie big enough and keep
    repeating it people will eventually come
    to believe it."
    -- Joseph Goebbels

  • avengers
    For as long as I can remember my uncle molested me and come to find out he had also molested several of the other family members. He also was an elder of the congregation, he got off scott free. When the elders were told our family became the congregation trash and of course it was the victims fault. No one can really understand how devestating this is unless you have lived it. It will haunt you for the rest of your life. You never know if you can really trust anyone and you are always watch over your shoulder. If anyone wants to know what congregation it was,it was Springdale Ar.

    Great Organization.!

  • Francois

    How can they lie like that? For the same reason that dogs licks their balls; because they can.

    They know they have a pliable, gullible audience who will believe whatever they're told. What they need to wake up is more and more court cases in which the JW molester goes to jail.


  • avengers

    Hey Watchtower! Remember this one?

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