Spiritual GIANT, or Mental MIDGET???

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  • hillary_step


    You know what, I just cannot recall. I no doubt had to be in town for some reason.

    Best - HS

  • LDH

    Hillary, I am DYING here, thank you so much! What a great story.

    NPY so good to see you. I need to let you know what is going on here. I will call you.

    Rocketman, there is a little story behind my "class designations." Try doing a search and look for Focus' thread "Watchtower Classless". The first time I saw the list of all of the 'classes' the JWs blathered on about, I was stunned off my rocker.I hadn't realized there were so many! Then I realized that Focus was right, the JW fascination with 'classes' was the result of having a religion fathered by men old enough to know Lenin and Stalin on a first name basis.

    So, I decided if the JWs can make up any old $#*$ing "class" designation, I will too! Since then whenever the mood hits me, I make up my own Class Designation.

    Who knows, I may start another trend!


    Typical or AntiTypical? Class

  • LDH
    though his service bag, held together by numerous different re-stitching styles should have pre-warned me


  • Jankyn

    My aunt and her husband, witness for 50+ years, are classic examples of this. They never had children (Armageddon is coming!), worked at low-level jobs & never saved for retirement (Armageddon is coming!), pioneered & went where "the need is greater" (Armageddon is coming!)...and criticized my parents for not doing the same. Now, he's had a stroke, she can't work because of her arthritis and asthma, and they're living on government aid. If it weren't for me and my brothers (faders all, and therefore subject to interminable criticism), they wouldn't have anything to eat. But of course, they have no children to take care of them because the end was coming. Just didn't come soon enough.

    Jankyn, trying to forgive class

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