My Bethel Experience Part 6 with new info.

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  • _Morpheus
    As a veteran of the bethel laundry your story touchs a lot of nerves for me... We dont know each other, more than 20 years seperate our time there, but i share a kinship. Every word of your story i can echo in my own way. Glad to have you here
  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Reading these is really bringing back memories for me and my time spent there. It really reminds me of how idealistic we were, the lengths we would go to and what we'd put up with to carry out the wishes of these religious lunatics and their impractical, convoluted methods to spread a supposedly time sensitive, life saving message to the world.Between the inefficient door to door work and the overly convoluted means of printing the literature, it's a good thing the end didn't come.

    Unlike Bethelites who were mugged on the streets of New York, I was robbed of all of my money in my own room. The Bethel office didn't believe me....if I'd have been older and less trusting of my elders, I would have filed a Police report. Would love to have seen their faces at the Bethel office if I'd have dragged a Cop in there with me.

  • millie210

    new boy, you sure do have excellent recall.

    I appreciate how you tell your stories with all the social and political mores of the era at that time.

    It really makes it a glimpse in to a real life story!

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