Jws are judgmental

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  • Ghiagirl
    Its funny how different i look at things now. I look back at myself when i was going to meetings and remember being so judgmental. Maybe it was just me but peoples views and opinions really rubbed off on me. I would look at others and judge them for things they have done or situations they were in. Out of my whole family i was definitely the least judgmental because deep down i really thought the whole religion was strange. But i guess when you are surrounded by people who judge each other instead of being understanding and loving it makes you think thats normal! Being away from the JWs I'm glad to say i get to be who i truly am and look at everyone and be accepting, loving, and understanding. Anyone else feel the same?
  • LostGeneration

    Judgement is the hammer they use in that religion to control everyone. Some kid gets a weird haircut or a young lady has a short skirt on and next thing you know the other parents pull their kids away because of "bad association". A man takes on extra work to feed his family and misses meetings, next thing you know his family doesn't get invites to social events.

    Add to that everyone is a narc, any trouble at all that crosses the millions of lines that are drawn by leadership and an elder is called, backroom questioning ensues. Its a sick, sick culture to be a part of.

  • SecretSlaveClass
    I know I Was seriously judgemental. At an early age I judged all JWs as being racists bastards. Later I judged them as being cowardly, lying, decietful peices of shit.
  • Divergent

    I was brought up in "the truth." I was likewise judgemental as I had a sheltered life & "the truth" was the only thing I knew!

    Looking back, I now realize that the main reason why I was judgemental is envy. I was envious & of the freedom that "worldly" people enjoyed & became judgemental to make myself feel better. I was unhappy & only stuck to being a JW as I sincerely (and stupidly) thought it was the truth

    On the brighter side, I was like Ghiagirl & was the least judgemental in my family as I progressively learnt to discern between bullshit & reality. When I finally learned TTATT, the judgemental attitute ceased & was replaced by an overwhelming sense of peace & calm. Never felt so good in my entire life!

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    Judgment - like charity - begins at home, in the K.H.

    The most judgmental 4 walls you could ever be surrounded by!

  • stuckinarut2

    YES, YES, YES!

    Excellent post!

    I completely agree...I too was such a judgemental and over-righteous so and so.

    Why? Because if we wanted to be viewed as being "spiritual", it was the way to act.

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