Assembly Invite

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  • caligirl

    My sister and I were talking yesterday, and she shared with me a bit of a letter she received from a girl that she was friends with growing up. My sister, like me, left more than 6 years ago and will never ever go back. People have left me alone, but my sister gets lots of invitations to go back. (She happens to live a few towns away from the regional assembly hall) In this letter, this girl told my sister about the assembly next weekend and generously offered the following: "You could sit with me, and even help me clean the bathrooms afterwards!" I told my sister that I couldn't see how on earth she could possibly want to pass up such a privy-ledge (yes, bad pun intended) as sitting through torturous hours of an assembly AND cleaning up other peoples pee to boot! This girl that wrote the letter is very sweet and the perfect witness - not an independent thought in her head or a bad bone in her body. But my sister and I had a great laugh over the fact that it was written to imply that it would be a great way to spend a weekend.

  • rocketman

    A fascinating invitation....spend all day sitting, then cleaning the bathroom.

    Actually, I am a bit surprised that the cleaning invite came attached. If I were inviting someone as a guest, I'd hardly expect them to clean afterwards. It's kind of like inviting someone over to dinner and then asking them to clean your bathroom. Not exactly, but kinda strikes that cord with me anyway.

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