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  • Prisca

    I stack mine in chronological order, from the oldest to the most recent. The smallest books are on the first shelf, and the bound volumes and larger books are on the bottom, with some on the middle shelves.

    Was the colour coding due to the average witness not being much of a reader?

    I think it may have been more of a selling ploy. The colours of the books were used as a way of catching the eye of the householder. And I'd dare say that the colours changed in order to differenciate the latest books from the others. Back in the 70s, I remember at least two books would be released at the annual conventions, so that might have been another reason - so you knew straight away which book was which.

    Sphere - they certainly don't print pics like that anymore!! Nowadays Eve is discreetly covered by her own long hair and/or the surrounding foliage.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    "Can you name a publication from a distance........."

    Gumby, probly not. I used to be able to. Actually, a guy here in oz has offered me a mass of dub books mainly from Rutherford times. Theres "Government", "deliverance", 3 versions of "harp". about 50 books all together. Id say. Anybody got an idea what I should offer for them? He seems pretty eager to offload them as a bulk deal.

  • Abaddon

    Re. illustration of Eve; nice pear...

    Can you image how many maturbatory sessions that illustration fuelled?

    Isn't it great how Adam and Eve are so utterly 'Caucasian'? She's blonde with the perfect 50's hairstyle, and he's clean-shaven. It defies belief, well, other than the whole Adam and Eve thing defying belief anyway...

    I remember some publications with a smoth-faced Jesus and bearded Apostles... and we all remember the dinosaurs in the old green Bibles.

  • berylblue

    Most of my JW friends had their books prominently displayed in their living rooms. Mine were hidden in a bedroom. I had "real" books in my living room.


  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Brother Sphere. Ive established that the book you put the picture up from is "The Truth shall make you free" (1943). It looks in amazingly good condition. Is it original? My copy here has vivid orange colouring in the picture. Yours there appears to be black and white.

  • gumby
    Anybody got an idea what I should offer for them? He seems pretty eager to offload them as a bulk deal.

    He probly is tired of having them around and never using them. Offer as little as possible unless you have a lot of dough. I have quite a collection myself and I'll give them to you........but you have to come and visit and pick them up in person.


    LOL My dad ....a long time ago.......brought out the paradise book and opened the page where where adam and eve are naked bekind a tree. Then he said, "this is what your mom reads."......then she went into their bedroom and got hid "Nasty magazines" and said back to us...."and this is what your dad reads". OOOOOOOOOh.....I think she won that one!.


  • mouthy

    I remember at one assembly we were told the hard cover books were the HAILSTONES!!! spoken of in scripture -pouring down truth on the heads of Babylon...Right...!!
    I have a friend who is trying to sell her husbands ( he just died) old books-- in them are a set of Volumes of Studies in Scripture ( 1913) Same again 1907,#1 #5 1926- Children (1941)Enemies (1937) Government (1928) Light (1930)Preparation( 1933) Preservation(1932)
    Prophesy( 1929)Reconcilation(1928)Religion(1940)Riches (1936)Salvation(1939)The Harp of God (1925-1926-1928)Photo Drama of Creation( 1914) Vindication books 2 &3 ( 1932)
    Besides all the books since those ---She realizes there is not a promised land at the end of THAT rainbow......

  • gumby

    Hi Mouthy,

    There are places to sell those books.

    As you probably already know.....".Freeminds" has a section for used books to buy and sell.

    (lookls like all those "hailstones" melted before they pummeled Babylons head eh? )


  • unique1

    Goodwill received alot of my bound volumes. UGLY. All that boring brown color. When they came out with the CD that had them all on there, I graciously donated mine.

  • mouthy

    Thanks Gumby I will tell her (((hug))

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