More trouble to come at the UN

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  • Pleasuredome

    with russia, france and germany taking the moral high ground against the war, it looks set that these countries will try to delay the US lifting sanctions against iraq. why would they do that? it would only cause further suffering for the iraqi people they were so worried about before the war. so what gives?

    as i've always said, the reason US wanted control of iraq was for their oil, to flood the world oil market with iraqi oil using the dollar for trading, thus bringing down the price of oil in order to try and damage OPEC(who are contemplating dropping the dollar for the euro). this is why russia, france and germany were so against the war to begin with. it was never about humanitarianism. this is an obvious attempt to hinder the US in their strategy to save their future economy.

    things will become desperate.

  • yucca

    the reason russia france and germany against us is because they were secretly supplying iraq with illegal arms. russia also bought land from iraq to do their own oil wells. there was also a pipe line to send oil out(secret) Iraq was also helping terrorists with money, training them. this man was evil(sadam) and hated us. The U.S. let Hitler conquer europe and kill millions of people before we stepped him. You have to stop the bullies in this world. Unless you would like to give up your freedom. United Sates must be doing something right people of the world want to come here to live. they lose their lives some times to get here.

  • Jayson


    I think you are right. The market changing to the Euro would hurt the US.

    The Book "The Threatening Storm" By Kenith Pollak goes into quite a bit of detail about it.[Iraq & the Middle East issues.] A friend has been trying to get me to read "The Prize." It is all about the history of oil.

    I would like to see the US explore Alaska and get more indepentant as far as oil goes.

    The other players also want to secure oil deals if the oil for food program ends. It's gona get interesting.

  • Francois


    Prove your allegations. They're easy to make aren't they? Proving them is another thing altogether.

    I think that Bush wanted to show Margaret Thatcher what a man he is via kicking Iraqi butt because Maggie set that as a task before she would come across with some Lordly snatch for little Georgie. That's what I think. Of course, I can't prove it, but it's an interesting allegation, isn't it?

    So prove your interesting allegations.


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