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  • alfie

    Crying was something that always tugged at me and so I had to really learn how to be completely objective. There were those who could turn tears on and off like a faucet. One could usually figure those people out, but the difficulty lay in trying to differentiate between tears of repentance and those that came because a person was caught doing something wrong.

    Mygawd, listen to me. I sound just like the WT, but not to worry, none of that for me EVER again.



  • Azalo

    man sounds like the Stanford prison experiment, but you all dont have to worry about me no JC in my future, I faded away over 6 years ago and I dont even live in the same state anymore. I was just curious. My dad was an elder and he would never give us any gossip, I guess he was a good elder.

  • MikeMusto

    i cry when i get hit in the huevos...

  • undercover

    The couple of JCs that I was a part of I remember an elder always asked, "What did you do after committing this sin?" The answer they were looking for was "pray to Jehovah". While I'm sure that some people probably did not feel worthy of praying after committing some wrong, that seemed to be important to the elders. If you committed some wrong, went home, felt terrible and knew you needed God's forgiveness or just to pour your heart out to him and you did that, then it seemed to show that you were repentant and wanted to correct the wrong that had been committed.

  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    I never expelled anyone. I would go to great lengths in aiding and helping the individual. I

    Guest 77

  • gumby

    I think the best way to be forgiven by a judicial committee who's total I.Q. is that of an emus penis......is to run around in circles claiming to be Jesus Christ! That will get you out of all klinds of stuff. The hard part is to remember to act crazy while your around them at other occasions.

    The elders look for Godly sorrow.......or sorrow from getting caught.

    They have to examine how long this has been going on or if it has been ...."a pattern" with you.

    If it's a recent pattern......and they follow instructions as the society outlines.....your ass is grass.


  • Pistoff

    Judicial committees are complete bullshit. How can any man or group of men sit in judgement of another human being, unless they are put there by the government? Because we set them up to do it when we get baptized, also known as signing the contract. I watched two committees disfellowship two clinically depressed people, no questions asked about how they would handle it emotionally. Both had attempted suicide and had addiction problems, now remedied no thanks to the troof. How's that for your mercy and forgiveness? How about one of them actually going to the elders with information that they would never have gotten anyway, only to be df'd because they did not feel he was repentent enough? How stupid can these guys be? If someone goes to them with information, he is not unrepentent; they might not like his attitude but then that is what it is all about, trying to gauge what they will feel is repentent. Of course, every time it is different, so good luck. F**k em all.

  • minimus

    Since elders are guided by holy spirit, they know what they're doing. It's as simple as that. You can't fool the elders because you can't fool God. They can judge correctly because they have been appointed by the spirit and the spirit is God's active force. So no matter what a person says or does about their so-called "repentance" it doesn't mean a thing. The elders ALWAYS know better.

  • gumby

    I wonder if you took one judicial case and had 20 DIFFERENT committies, each handling it without influence from another judicial committee........how many different outcomes there would be?

    In some cases, some would be DFed and others they would not. One decision would cause a member to be cutoff from family and friends and anothers decision would be privledges removed ,but they still have their family and friends!

    Yep.......that's how the old SPIRIT operates I guess.


  • be wise

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