WT meeting comments - on "media reports"

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  • be wise
    be wise

    It reminds me of a recent Watchtower article saying that basically if you don't follow exactly what the WTBS says in this time of the end you will die. This is no Exaggeration, it was an article talking about the time of the end and Gog of Magog.

    Now that's scary.

  • Pistoff

    pork chop wrote:

    JamesT that's way over the top. In over 100 years of history they haven't killed others or commited acts of terror and there's no reason to assume that they're going to start now.

    They certainly have killed; I know of some who have bled out, not taking a blood tranfusion. I also know of those who have been sexually abused due to their careless, thoughtless policy on child sexual abuse. The point is, they just have not been to that extreme *yet*; for now they are guilty of plenty criminal behavior, all in the guise of not causing reproach on God, of course they mean, NO BAD PUBLICITY for the organization.

    And by the way, I still attend meetings.


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