How Quickly the "Truth" Evaporates

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  • sf

    Hello Meta,

    'We' deal with some of these very ones you mention here often. Many jw kids ARE ONLINE DAILY; in yahoo, paltalk, other chat systems and on many jw 'message forums', such as Glicks forum WITNESS ZONE.

    In my many dealings and projects online, I see a great many more logging in too.

    Today was a highly productive day in yahoo. I try to make each day productive there at some time during my visits by bringing in CURRENT WATCHTOWER 'ITEMS' and reading them aloud on mic. Today I read 'new light on U.N. thread. I CLEARED THE ROOM OF 'CLAIMED-jws' with bjc's post inside that thread. It was glorious to WITNESS!! One young jw girl said "see, it's bible prophecy!" 'We' just hugged her and told her to just make sure she studies the 'new light' in the 6/1/03 WT MAG intensely. On the flipside of that coin is another jw teen in this room daily DOES SEE that the 'research' brought in daily is not 'apostate lies'. And is strongly encouraged to 'make sure of ALL things' brought in. Basically today as I read that thread, I caused a major 'shift' just in the foundation of the internet jws! I'd say this new light has been the biggest attention getter brought into yahoo. The room was silent and slight texting was occuring as I read. Then, one by one, each jw left the room. SUCCESS!!

    Hey {{{{{{{hugsTom}}}}}}}}}, PB would proud how 'we' are always Aware! of the lurker FIRST! Please give Him my regards, will ya? Oh and....

    What say you on the 'NEW LIGHT' on WATCHTOWER going after more than just The Titties after all?? Are those boyZ slicker than a slickdick on hot summer night, or what? I say it's the WHAT!! hahahahaha, damn, do they think we are still braindead??

    I can hear TEDDY JACKHISASS singing now...."all we were sayingggggggggg, is give Peace and Security a chanceeeeeeeeeee". ha!

    Your precious WATCHTOWER FAIRYLAND is 'shifting' its! God, I hate you so much TED JARACZ. I just want it stated in case you aren't Klear. (saves post, as it could be subject to moderators EDIT)

    sKally, wickedly laughing outloud at the hilarity of it All, then puking...klass

  • rocketman

    I have seen the same thing in many jw youths too. They go through the motions. They want out. They do things behind their parent's back's that so called "worldly" kids don't even do as often.

    Several posters here hit on the key reasons.

  • JT
    The longer a person lives the lie, (goes against his/her true nature), the more depression and unhappiness they will suffer

    so ture indeed, i saw a show about an armish family where the father got out and went back to get his 2 little girls like 6 and 8 yrs old, well the police stopped the buggy with grandpa and ma and took the 2 kids it was so sad to watch as the 2 little kids were kicking and screaming, at first my wife and i said mental problems are for sure with these 2 little girls

    the mom just sat there in the buggy and didn't say anything, - the reporter said she will PROBABLY NEVER REMARRY no one will want her for the rest of her life

    the 2 kids were dressed in Armis Ware clothes- the dad took them they left

    they were still kicking and screaming in the car with their new mom-

    then 4 hours later they showed the little kids with new clothes and eating at the ice cream shop and they were laughing and giggling for the cameraman-

    so unlike adults who gave up so much - MOST KIDS DON'T LIKE THAT "SHIT LIFE" anyway

  • DanTheMan
    The kids today are getting Fred's now pathetic hand me down and time expired theology from an unimaginative and disappointed leadership

    Well said. When I came in in 1993, Freddie was still alive and there still was some remnants of the vitality the WT organization once had. His death and the generations change have snuffed out that little bit of vigor that had remained.

    How could anybody raised in that lifeless environment want to stay? The only ones I saw staying in were the ones with large, extended JW families.

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