Poems - My sensitive side

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  • StinkyPantz

    I've been sent the same emails.

  • unclebruce

    carefull ozzie .. a bit more of this and hippy 'll turn and drop his dacks

    a brand new age sensitive deconstructionist australian love poem:

    roses are red

    separation is blue

    i'm off to bed

    to dream of you

    bandicoot bill

  • Sentinel

    Thanks so much for sharing your poetry. You are quite talented.

    I also enjoy writing prose and poems and being creative in other ways, like painting, sketching, writing...

    It's such a wonderful way to express what's in our hearts. We are sharing the innermost parts of "us".

    Hip, keep repeating these words: "I am not a bastard. I am not a bastard." You are obviously a good and giving person and worthy to give and receive all good love as well.

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