Question For People Being Put Onto A Ventilator - How Is It Powered?

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  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    @LongHairGal: what did you learn from Fukushima about nuclear? How many people died due to radiation (0)? How many people died due to the panicked response from politicians in the area in the misguided attempt to evacuate an area just hit by a tsunami (2000)?

    What is the alternative really? If you think lithium batteries mined by children in China and neodymium magnets mined by children in Congo and semiconductors poisoning Chinese and Korean cities with lead and arsenic are a solution, well, then, yeah, it’s cleaner - to you.

    Nuclear is a dense source of power. Throughout history we’ve always wanted more dense sources of power, initially wind and sun, then leaves and wood, then coal, then oil, refined oils, compressed gas and now you want to go back to wind and sun. How many people can you power with wind and sun? Hint: the US and China are winding down expansion of wind as companies notice that for ever GW capacity you increase in wind, you get 0.5GW out - on average and it requires massive investments in distribution which is pure loss. That’s the same yield as an on-demand diesel plant.

    Calculate how much solar and wind you need to power the US - clear cut the forests across the entire state of California and fill it from end-to-end with towers and panels and you’d have enough to power a day (until it is night time).

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