an example of believing in yourself..

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  • thegentleman

    Hey everyone,

    I took my Railroad Conductor qualifying exams on the Book of Operating Rules and passed.

    The whole studying process was draining enough not to mention the other things going on

    It would have meant a lot to even get encouragement from "a certain someone"(a good luck etc) but I realized that I should not let that drag me down..

    If you put the time in and BELIEVE IN YOURSELF regardless of what others say, or what they dont say you'll do just fine...


  • joannadandy

    Congrats Gentleman!

    You bring up an interesting paradox. We shouldn't need the "good luck" wishes of others, and yet when they are not there, we notice they are missing and it can hurt.

    Be proud, you did this for yourself. And if someone who used to care for you, fails to congratulate you, it just proves you have made the right choice in moving on with your life!

  • NaruNaruChan

    ROCK ON GENTLEMAN! Hey, what RR did you try for? My dad is a yardmaster for UP. ^_^

  • sandy


  • thegentleman

    Naru: Long Island Railroad....(LIRR)

  • hippikon
  • free will
    free will

    way to go, chris!!!

  • Mystery

    Even without a pat on the back from others ....

    We just have to "believe in ourselves".


    I wish I had been on here when I graduated. At least someone would have told me Congradulations.

    Wish I could do the fancy things everyone else can - but you will just have to settle for plain ole' typing.

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