Pioneers Assist Others program

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  • free will
    free will

    i was invited to participate in a different program. it was one where a pioneer studied a different book with a publisher. the program was designed to learn the deeper things that weren't covered in the knowledge book. i was asked two times. i denied both times.

  • jillbedford

    I must respond to this thread as I was regular pioneer for years and years. While the pioneer assist program was not in effect when I pioneered, I tried to help and encourage those I saw in need. Those with no dads, those with no money. Maybe I didn't make my time goal for the day, I felt I have really made a difference. Needless to say, this wasn't popular among the other pioneers and I was on my own in this goal.

    And for you info, in the many, many years I pioneeered I never once missed my 1000 hours goal.

    However, imagine if I had spent that valuable youthful years helping out in a soup kitchen, or better yet in the peace corp.

    But of course, I was young and a follower still.

    I have learned much since.

    I still try to contribute something back to the community even to this day.

  • rocketman

    Indeed, if this program was "from Jehovah" as Gopher points out why was it such a failure?

    LOL @ logansrun's post

  • benext

    I remember this one really well. I was already assigned a part on the Service Meeting when the PO and Sec. "remembered" that a talk had to be given for the program. I ended up giving one part coming down for the next part and then going back up for the Pioneers Assist Others talk.

    Both the Pioneer and publisher had the option of rejecting the pairing. I see comments where some felt forced to work together. The program was a flop. The CO would come and ask about it and I had to beg people just to sign up.

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