Do they notice who no longer gives donations?

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  • onightdivine

    Because I haven't put in a single dime for over a year now in the box at the KH. The usual custom is to put money in there right after the meetings. But heck, I already spend so much in car fuel just to attend - I don't care really if the GB starves and dies.. oops.

    Anyway, do the elders take note who's donating and who's not?

  • Simon

    They shouldn't get to see who donates what if it's via a contribution box.

    Unless of course several people all pretend to donate something but the box is completely empty. They have you all pegged then, LOL.

  • Listener
    I hardly ever saw anyone put money into the box because I didn't look. If someone notices that you haven't donated then they must be keeping watch on everyone which makes them look pretty bad if they were to say anything.
  • ScenicViewer

    I handled accounts many years ago, and there were several who donated regularly, same amount, every month, by check. If those checks suddenly stopped it would be noticed - but only by the accounts servant, assuming he didn't inform others.

    If you donate cash there is no paper trail, so not likely it would be noticed.

  • onightdivine

    The reason why I'm asking this is because our cong is quite small..If you're an observant or nosey person, you will notice who's dropping money in there.

    And this thought popped up that if they notice you haven't given anything for over a year now, it might be construed as blatantly no longer supporting the borg.

    This may be a silly question or idea but I'm curious what really goes on in the minds of those brothers watching the group from the back of the hall. Lol

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    just put a plain envelope in--empty of course.
  • Zoos

    I always gave in cash. I think I wrote a check one time in my entire Borg life so there was never any way for them to know how much or when I donated.

    I wasn't a big spender... maybe $20 a week, so I doubt they noticed anyway.

    They noticed when I turned the key to the maintenance shed back in. No one else was participating in the upkeep of the grounds. Yeah... they noticed that.

  • alanv
    Zoos, you said you were not a big spender, but I would say $20 a week is not peanuts.
  • konceptual99

    There are two ways of knowing who contributes what here in the UK. One is through payments by cheque or electronic transfer into the bank. The second is through the gift aid arrangement. This is where the congregation can claim back the taxable element of the donation if the donor is a UK tax payer. Donations under GA have to be identified back to the person who made them.

    I have done the job of accounts servant and I knew exactly how much was being donated and by whom when it came to about 60% of the donations. This was some time ago and now, with the prevalence of electronic transfer I would expect this figure to be higher.

    A while back, appointed men where encouraged to have a GA donation arrangement. I refused as I thought it was a point of principle that donations should be unsolicited and anonymous.

    To be honest though, I have never donated much. It was only ever on sporadic occasions and I have not given the org a penny since 2012 when I started waking up.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher
    Being an Attendant at the KH years ago, it was impossible not to see who was actually putting something (not the amounts) into the contribution box 2 metres away - and it was always the same handful of usual suspects.

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