The Weather!!????

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  • nightwarrior

    Ok I have read a couple of posts about the weather so lets start a thread...

    Yippee the sun has come at last.... the uk has not had any rain now for at least 4 weeks(a good soaking) oh dear we will soon be on drought warning!!

    But it is HOT HOT HOT especially for April... lets hope it continues right the way through the summer....

    Watch I bet it rains at the weekend - typical seeing that it is a holiday weekend.... but enjoy while it lasts....

    Sun tan annie

    Mrs Nightwarrior

  • rocketman

    It's hot here too...mid 80s today. We expect a drop in temos to the upper 40s tomorrow. A happy medium would be nice. I'd like to see 65-70 and stay there for a bit.

  • Mary

    Well here in Southern Ontario, we have ice pellets, windy as hell and freezing cold..........welcome to Springtime in Canada!!

  • Matty

    It's very strange Mrs Nightwarrior! It's actually hotter in England at the moment than Greece, Italy and Spain! It was 81F yesterday afternoon, it's really too early in the year for this kind of weather.

  • Angharad


    Cant believe the heat - I've been trying to do something with the wilderness that passes as our garden but the heat is killing me!

  • calamityjane

    Well I'm glad you guys are melting.

    Here in northwestern Ontario we're back in the winter zone. Just in time for our Easter long weekend. We're going to turn into Eskimos soon, in the Great White North.

    send your heat this way please.

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