Another Frustrating Phone Conversation

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  • mustang

    Boy, this is just so "on the money" that it hurts!!! My condolences.

    Calling out the "concerned" question/interrogation is great!!! That "mirrors" or reverses the "guilt trip" crap (that you can see coming) right back onto them.

    BTW, turning the tables and "hitting her up" for charity was a stroke of genius.

    I just got a letter from my father. He has been harassing me with the "end is near", "go back to the KH" & "you won't get life" for 30 years. So, I told him off and quit talking to him.

    Now, the letter has a opening page of PREACHING & PRYING; that is 2 of his 3 P's.

    The second page tells me 1) how old he is, 2) about his property holdings, 3) I want to share this with you & 4) ta da!!!!: IF YOU TREAT ME RIGHT. That is the 3rd of his P's: PUSHING my buttons/me around.

    So, I'm about to let him (and his friends/cronies/JW's buddies/accomplices) know that 1) I am fed up with this happy BS, 2) I have visited a few STALKING SUPPORT GROUPS, 3) he has crossed the line and violated California State Penal Codes, 4) if he is going to bequeath money, he or his estate should do it and SHUT UP, 5) if I owe him Money, he or his estate should sue me or SHUT UP and 6) if neither 4 or 5 apply, he should go away and SHUT UP.

    Mutter, mutter, grumble, grumble...

    So, I relate and commiserate, too. Go ahead and vent!!!


    Harassment, Stalking, Undue Parental Influence, Right To Quiet Enjoyment, various Civil Rights too numerous to count & ad nauseum Class

  • bluesapphire

    Teenyuck, your mom sounds exactly like my husband's mom. She calls him all the time and asks, "How's bla bla?" And she's always hoping to hear he's unhappy so she can have hope that he'll leave this "wicked city woman" and go back to jehoover.

    Actually, she's a bit worse because she always asks him for my sister sounding all chipper when it comes to her since she's a pioneer and all. There's bad blood there because she wanted my husband to go after my sister but instead I "seduced" him.

    And now I took him away from the troof with my apostate ways. Didn't you know I had it planned all along. I just pretended to be a witness to go after her son so he could take care of me and my kids with his $11 an hour job at the time lol.

    The thing is that what comes around goes around because now she's eating out of my hand since I gave birth to her one and only grandchild.

    Take that biatch!

  • gumby


    The witnesses have been convinced to believe that when a person who has known the truth and subjected to the "god of this system of things" and that their life will go downhill from there. Your happiness will diminish or be gone, you will lose all your values, morals, and all your spiritual hope.

    When a witness see's this isn't happening to a person who has left them, .....they are perplexed and confused somewhat. Sad isn't it?

    Glad you are able to give her positive answers,


  • teenyuck

    Thank you everyone....I had to leave to see a client and then the Walk for a Cure meeting. I just got in.

    I appreciate the feedback. I am not glad I am the only one with this problem, however, it took me a long time to figure out why the same questions come on every single phone call. She is confused as to why my life seems to be going so well. I think we (hubby and I) are doing everything right and she is looking for the cracks. There aren't any.

    I do believe you are right about her being sister brought this up a few years ago (her therapist was convinced our mom was) and I did not give it enough credence. I am going to have to research.

    I really appreciate the chance to get some of this off my chest every now and then.

    Hugs to you all.


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