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  • kilroy2

    I just found out my mail lady [the one that stays in the post office] is a dubber. I live in a very small town and she drives to work from petoskey a town that is 30 miles away. I had heard that she was a dubber and I have been putting up silent lamb poster on the bullitin board. she has never said any thing but i never let any one see me do today I got the nerve up and asked her. Are you a dubber. [j.w.] she said yes. so I told her that I was one for 30 years longer but I start at 10 years of age[ the age of under standing] lol. she asked me why i was not one any more. I told her because all the teaching and dates are wrong and they have changed the times dates and everything else over the years. the reply I got took me back. she said that all religions have things that are wrong. and dates do not matter. WOW. I kept it light but wanted to scream out than 1914 does not matter and than jc did not come to earth and see that c.t. was walking the walk and talking the talk. so than why would j.c. put c.t in charge of the cong. she than procedes to ask me "Have you ever had any thing die in your arms?" I said I have killed may animals as i am a big hunter. she said no something you wanted to live. I said no. and was told that that is when you will know that the j.w.s are right. I still dont know what the hell she was trying to prove. so i asked her if she has children and she said no. I asked her if she did and thay decided to leave tha org. and were baptized went to live with a woman or man and were df.d how loving would it be to shun your own child. and if you did it for a piord of years and she was wrong and this is the only life we have. what a waste. she stoped and said I will have to think about that. the berlin wall a piece at a time.

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    At least you got her thinking..... you're piece at a time.

  • mattnoel

    Oh I am sorry mate, those dubbas are like ants, they get bloody everywhere !

    You live near Petoskey ?! in Michigan ? I used to live in Boyne City about 45 mins from Gaylord and 1hr from Petoskey. Was in East Jordan Cong. Do you know it ?

  • gumby

    Alady dubber eh?

    Why not send a bunch of apostate literatere to yourself with easy readable viewing, so when she sorts through it she'll have to see the devilish material. Then send some back saying your not the she has to deal with it again. Maybe she'll take a look.

    Actually I just thought of that brainy idea.....but wouldn't do it myself.


  • kilroy2

    yes I know east jordon and boyn city I have lived in north mich. all my life. I had a cousion lukus sherman who was married and went ot east j. about 2 years ago. his wife just about 1 year ago died in labor she hemeraged and would not take blood. and the drayton family on the wifes side is going to take the hospital to court. thay are pissed if you dont give them blood and pissed if you do. I did one better i have been putting up silent lambs posters in the lobby when no one is looking. she has not said any thing.

  • mattnoel

    WOW Kilroy, I thought no one had ever heard of Boyne - Blimey.

    Well I went out with a sis there called Virginia Forrand - they came there to "serve where the need is great" we will have to have a chat and compare names/notes.

    As for the mail lady = bombard the place with apostate material !

  • Warrigal

    Hi Kilroy; You might ask her if she has to raise the flag at the post office. See if she squirms.

  • Jourles

    Kilroy, we go up north just about once a month to the Traverse City area. You said that you lived 30 minutes from Petoskey. Is TC about where you live? We will be up there more this summer and I am planning to volunteer during the "ice wine" picking season too(Hopefully with Black Star Farms). If you are ever in the Lansing area, give me a jingle.

    Mattnoel, anyone who skis knows that Boyne is only one of a few decent ski areas in MI. We did a couple days up there during Christmas this season.

  • Aztec

    Haha! More people with a Michigan connection. I grew up in the upper part of the lower peninsula..near Tawas City. I live in Detroit now, where all the real action is...LOL! I'm planning on taking my son up to the UP this summer so he can see how beautiful it is. :) ~Aztec

  • mattnoel

    Aztek - you aswell ?

    I loved the U P so peacefull ! I spent a lot of time up there when I needed to get away from Boyne and the people in the area. I am sure your son will love it !

    As for you being in Detroit - he he dont envy you - I was always scared down there and only ever went there when I was going to the Airport. Nice place I think it was called Grand Rapids and Rolling Hills........dont quote me on that though but they seemed pretty up beat.

    Jourles - Went over to Boyne Mt a few times (if you can call it a mountain, more like a hill) but was very popular, had some great times up there too. I left pretty much when the season had finished and we had the nice weather around 05/01. Kinda miss it at times but not the whole EJ cong kinda life.

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